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"This is an extremely good way to either learn or improve your Chinese. The teachers are very well-qualified, the scheduling is extremely flexible, and the price is unbelievably cheap -- a small fraction for what you would ordinarily have to pay in the US for such high quality one-to-one tutoring. I am recommending it to all of my students."

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" The teachers are very nice and cater the material just for your Chinese language level and preferences. This is much better for me than a standard Chinese class because I can move at my own pace."
Chinese Kaleidoscope
Chinese Kaleidoscope provides featured Chinese culture in the fields of business, art, society, entertainment, sport, and travel, etc. a place-gathering tour guide of China's cities, recommendations of living tips in China, introductions to Chinese food, Chinese people activities as well as Chinese learning books. Most of the articles here will give an overall introduction of publicly focused topic in modern China.