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Ruiya and Wenting

Student Feedback

“eChineseLearning has helped me learn Mandarin easily and at my own pace. Both teachers and the support team have worked with me during the past two years. I worked with my one primary teacher and also four secondary teachers, all of whom have been wonderful and kept an eye on my progress and needs. The support team helps a lot as well in getting started and using the online environment. As an academic faculty member and researcher for over 30 years, I was very careful during my search for and selection of an instructional program to help me learn Mandarin. I found the one-to-one instruction using a Skype environment to provide a direct and important presence by the faculty members. I will continue to take Mandarin classes with eChineseLearning until I am fluent and can easily travel and work in China.”
– CEO of Maxit Systems, Tucson, Arizona,USADirector of Research, BeaconWall Limited, Hong Kong, China
Sept. 20, 2017
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