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Refer a Student and Get One Month Free Lessons and US$100 credit NOW! The Referred Student also Gets One Week Free Lessons!*
Do you know anyone who wants to learn Chinese? Like many Mandarin learners around the world, if you enjoyed your experience at eChineseLearning or heard good things about eChineseLearning, please let your friends and family members know about our referral program!
How it Works
If you recommend our program to your friends or family members, you will get one-month FREE lessons (or equivalent) plus US$100 credit (toward purchasing our services) for EACH student you refer*. In addition, the referred student will get one-week free lessons (or equivalent) too*. Note that your credit and free lessons are transferable to other students!
*Contact your academic coordinator for more details about the poster

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Martin Fenton

Student Feedback

“Our daughter joined eChineseLearning to learn Chinese who we adopted from China about a year ago. It’s really important to us that she could learn enough of the language. Teachers here are all very professional and experienced. We’re learning not only the language but also the culture. I highly recommend eChineseLearning for anyone, whether in our circumstance or those just trying to learn this challenging language.”
– Jeff Nelson, Maryland, U.S.
Jan. 14, 2018
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