Technology-Microsoft’s Search Engine: Bing 必应 (bì yìng)

Microsoft’s Search Engine: Bing “必应(bì yìng)”

Bing is a search engine launched by Microsoft recently to replace the Live Search. Microsoft has claimed that this search engine will come out with a completely new look to bring a new revolution. In Chinese, Bing is translated to “必应(bì yìng)”, which means to give answers to whatever is requested. “必应(bì yìng)” comes from a Chinese proverb “有求必应(yŏuqiúbìyìng)” always say yes to seekers of help. This translation is the perfect illustration for Microsoft’s new search engine’s positioning and shows Microsoft’s determination for localization in the Chinese search market.

The Use of “有求必应(yŏuqiúbìyìng)” always say yes to seekers of help.

“有求(yŏu qiú)” refers to the requests one asks for, and “必应(bì yìng)” always say yes to one’s requests.

1.Tā duì tā de qīzi yŏu qiú bì yìng.
1.他  对 他 的 妻子有   求 必  应.
He always says yes to his wife requests.

2.Tā shì gè rè xīn rén, yŏu qiú bì yìng.
2.他  是 个 热 心  人,有   求 必  应.
He is a warm-hearted man and always say yes to others’ requests.

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