Popular Words-金融危机(jīn róng wēi jī) Financial Crisis

During the financial crisis (金融危机 jīn róng wēi jī), millions of people are suffering from the psychological problems caused by losing jobs (失业shī yè), and bankrupcy (破产pò chăn) .Ever since the financial crisis, we have seen an increasing amount of unemployment (失业人员shī yè rén yuán). These people suddenly suffered the fear of job loss (失业恐慌shī yè kŏng huāng) and they couldn’t find a solution to the problem in a short period of time. Besides individuals, more and more enterprises also unavoidably suffered in this crisis.
生词 (shēng cí) Vocabulary:
金融危机( jīn róng wēi jī)n financial crisis
失业( shī yè) n/v losing jobs/ lost job
破产( pò chăn)n/v bankrupt
失业人员( shī yè rén yuán)n jobless
失业恐慌( shī yè kŏng huāng)n fear of the job loss

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