Windows 7 in China

Windows 7 in China

Windows 7 was released in China on October 23rd. Because of the incompatibility problems, its preceding edition Vista was questioned and 戏称(xìchēng) jokingly called 围死它(wéi sĭ tā) besiege it to death by some Chinese users. The pronunciation of Vista sounds like the pronunciation of a Chinese expression 围死它(wéi sĭ tā). Windows 7 highlights real improvements of the problem riddled vista version.

Firstly, the Aero (Authentic, Energetic, Reflective and Open) User Interface of Windows 7 is more aesthetically pleasing than Vista’s. Secondly, the power 消耗(xiāohào) consumption of Windows 7 is far lower than Vista’s with each window being reduced to 50%. What’s more, laptop battery life has been significantly prolonged with Windows 7. A Touch Pack is included in Windows 7. This innovative technology allows you to point at a 触摸(chùmō) touch-sensitive screen and move things around by hand. This means Windows 操作系统(cāozuò xìtŏng) operating system is no longer restricted by the use of a keyboard or mouse. With the introduction of Windows 7 Microsoft is full of confidence to retrieve the declining standards caused by Vista. Whether Windows 7 can make it or not, let’s 拭目以待(shìmùyĭdài) wait and see what will happen.


1. 戏称(xìchēng) v. to be jokingly called

2. 消耗(xiāohào) n/v. to consume/consumption

3. 触摸(chùmō) v. to touch

4. 操作系统(cāozuò xìtŏng) n. operating system

5. 拭目以待(shìmùyĭdài) v. to wait and see what will happen


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