Customs for Entertaining Guests-The Chinese etiquette for the receipt of guests

Learn the customs for entertaining guests in China

Before the guests arrive, most Chinese hosts will make certain preparations, such as cleaning the house, setting the table with a tea pot and cups, an ashtray, and some candy or snacks. When the guests are seated, the host will first serve tea, and then offer cigarettes, or snacks. While talking to the guests, the host usually likes to ask questions about the guests’ life and work. They may also ask their guests about their marriage, children and housing situation. Chinese don’t consider these topics private. Guests usually bring them some fruit pr special local products ad gifts, and the host expresses his thanks but will not open the wrapped gifts in front of his guests. When guests say they are leaving, the host will politely ask the guests to stay longer. If the guests insist, the host will accompany the guests to the main entrance, snake hands, say goodbye and see them off.

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