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Chinese Culture

At eChineseLearning we know that the Chinese learning experience requires not only a focus on the Chinese language, but also on Chinese culture and history. Our resources will introduce you to key points of Chinese culture, important historical events, fun festivals, taboos, and more! Best of all, these materials are FREE for you to explore! They are also a great companion to our Chinese Immersion Program, for those planning to study, work or live in China. If you are interested in learning more about Chinese culture, you're in the right place!

Do you know what people do during the Chinese New Year holiday? Do you wonder how Chinese people celebrate this grandest event in the country? Today, let’s celebrate the Chinese New Year together!
As one of the leading language-teaching websites, we offer the best lessons in Chinese for kids. These online Chinese lessons are finely made ...

Do you know that the way to greet others has changed a lot recently in China?
In the past, Chinese people would greet each other by saying something like: Hello! Have you eaten today? But now, they say “Did you test positive for COVID-19?” instead.

What made it change? The following dialogue will give you the ...

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…” When the familiar melody begins to rise again, people will be aware that Christmas is coming!
Do you know what songs people listen to on Christmas in China?

Líng ér xiǎng dīng dāng (Author Unknown)
Known as the Chinese version of “Jingle Bells”, Líng ér xiǎng dīng dāng is undoubtedly ...

It is widely known that Chinese culture has a profound history. In the Chinese lessons on our website, you can learn the beautiful language and the nation’s splendid culture. Learn Chinese online, anytime and anywhere!

Traditionally, the Chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar. With the Gregorian calendar (the calendar prevalent in the West) in use, the ...

As only 16 teams are competing for the final 8 in the World Cup more and more of the world’s attention is focused on this grand event.

How can we support our national team as big fans? Buying a jersey? A toy of the Mascot La’eeb? Or even a ticket to Qatar?
In fact, you can buy almost all these things at the ...

Hi dear friends, long time no see! Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner! Have you prepared roast turkeys yet? Thanksgiving is a traditional festival in the Western world, but do you know there are also some festivals about expressing gratitude in China?

Gǎn ēn jié
Thanksgiving Day

Gǎn ēn jié kuài lè!
Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Gǎn ...

Food is the magic weapon of life, as it allows us stay away from famine. Food is the hope of life, because it keeps us be away from hunger. It’s fundamental to the people’s livelihood and ensures us to have enough to eat. On the eve of the World Food Day, which falls on each ...

Dragons are deeply rooted in Chinese culture, as the dragon is one of the most important creatures that can symbolize China. Have you ever heard that Chinese people call themselves “descendants of dragons”? This may sound strange to people in the West, as dragons are normally seen as evil and unlucky in Western culture. Therefore, ...

Besides barbecue, you can also see a lot of appealing food or snacks in the streets of China in hot summer days. Do you know what else Chinese people like to eat in summer? Starting from this article, we’re going to introduce to you three snacks that Chinese people love to enjoy in this season. ...

It’s not uncommon to ponder the differences between the school systems in the West and China when both parts of the world have their own specialties and struggles. For instance, China has a reputation for churning out math whizzes in schools while the West is known for promoting critical thinking skills. So are the education ...

When you think of going for a stroll in the park, what comes to mind – birds singing? a gentle breeze blowing? swathes of greenery punctuated by plots of brightly colored flowers?
If you’re walking through a park in China, you’ll get all of that… along with a few surprises older generations have waiting for you. ...

Giant pandas are often associated with both wildlife protection (the WWF has used it as an emblem since 1961) and Kung Fu for many Westerners. It is a great national treasure in China as well, symbolizing the delicate spirit, originality, and old culture of the country. The first known case of Panda Diplomacy began in ...

Other Chinese expressions for “embarrassment”
1.社会性死亡现场 (shè huì xìng sǐ wáng xiàn chǎng) social death scene

It made her look like a fool in public. She was so humiliated that she didn’t want to see anyone. She just wanted to crawl into a crack on the ground. It was called “social death”.

2.公开处刑 (gōng kāi chǔ ...

Chinese tea culture refers to both making tea and drinking the tea in China. It is thought that Chinese people discovered tea in the Shennong era (~2400 B.C.), meaning that they’ve been drinking it for nearly 4500 years! This has allowed for many different traditions, expectations, and ideas about tea to evolve over time.
Since tea ...

While “葡萄酒 (pú tɑo jiǔ ) grape wine” culture is relatively new in China, it grew to be the 5th largest wine consumer in the world in a short period of time. Why would this matter? Because if you want to close a business deal, it might be done over drinks. So knowing your wines ...

Recently we went over the significance of “本命年 (Ben Ming Nian)” the 12 year curse in Chinese culture and what it means for the zodiac of the particular reigning year. Well let’s dive a little deeper to understand how time was divided by the ancient Chinese and how zodiac relations are formed.
From the unearthed inscriptions ...

“Poverty Limits My Imagination”
Whenever people see others flaunting their wealth on social media, or interact briefly with the rich and famous, a common refrain is often heard: “贫穷限制了我的想象! (pín qióng xiàn zhì le wǒ de xiǎng xiàng) Poverty limits my imagination!”

This self-effacing sentence is saying that those with money can live lifestyles that ...

“本命年 (Ben Ming Nian) The Twelve-Year Curse”
2021, Is it going to be your best year ever?
Well, if you were born under the ox sign, that may not be the case. You might have initially thought that the Year of the Ox is the best time to achieve your dreams and goals but, sadly, it’s actually ...

Fortunes and Follies for The Ox Zodiac in 2021
The year of the rat didn’t go as intended. It was supposed to be a year for creativity involving change, but we didn’t need nor want that kind of change, right? So in trods the Ox. What can we expect from the steady and methodical Ox Year? ...

What You Don’t Know About Chinese New Year
2021 is the Year of the Ox, the ox being of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals. In fact, there are similar customs in many countries. For example, Myanmar has eight zodiac animals that, similarly to the Chinese zodiac, are assigned to people depending on their date of birth.
In ...

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