YCT Writing Test Prep Course

The YCT Writing Test Prep Courses are customized to meet the individual needs of the each student. The prep courses are suitable for non-native Chinese speakers (under age 15) who intend to take the YCT writing test. Our test prep lessons are divided into 4 levels according to the levels of YCT writing test.
YCT Writing Prep Lessons Level 1
YCT Writing Prep Lessons Level 2
YCT Writing Prep Lessons Level 3
YCT Writing Prep Lessons Level 4
What is YCT?
YCT (中小学生汉语考试 zhōng xiăo xuéshēng hànyŭ kăoshì) is short for the Young Learners Chinese Test. YCT consists a of writing test and a speaking test, which are independent of each other. The writing test is divided into four levels. YCT certificate can be used in applications for school transfer, study abroad and scholarships.


Madeline Owens
Amelia Gu

Student Feedback

“I’m very happy to say that Crystal is a blessing to my daughter Alice. She is intuitive, patient, and understanding. The classes are simple, but effective and are well thought out with different ways of teaching. Alice has always had a great time learning Chinese and I hope she can continue learning with Crystal for a long time.”
– Nikki Baldi, Costa Masnaga, Italy
Sept. 10, 2017
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