Chinese Summer Program for Schools

We can offer customized supplementary Chinese tutoring service for your schools’ Chinese summer camps or Chinese summer programs. We also work with each summer Chinese school very closely to understand its specific Chinese learning needs and design a customized solution.
Our Chinese School related service has following benefits:
We can work with your school’s Chinese teachers to conduct customized tutorial for children based on YOUR curriculum. Therefore, this is a customized program for students in your school. We also provide practice sessions and children can learn Chinese by practicing with native Chinese teachers. Because we design a customized Chinese program around you, the teaching is always relevant to your school’s needs.
Whether your students want an after-school tutorial, or just practice speaking Mandarin, we can help you!
If you have any questions about our Chinese Summer Program for Schools, please contact us:

Student Feedback

“We use eChineseLearning’s Chinese summer program for our students. This is really supplementary to our teaching at the school; our students can practice speaking mandarin with native Chinese teachers which is very effective. It has been a wonderful partnership!”
— Dennis, a high school teacher, CA
July. 5, 2017
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