The Eight Major Cuisines of China

Chinese food studies: The eight major cuisines of China

Chinese food includes many different styles: the major ones are Lu (Shandong) cuisine, Chuan (Sichuan) cuisine, Yue (Guangdong) cuisine, Min (Fujian) cuisine, Su (Suzhou) cuisine, Zhe (Zhejiang) cuisine, Xiang (Hunan) cuisine, and Hui (Anhui) cuisine. These are often referred to as the “Eight Major Cuisines” of China.

Lu cuisine is represented by Hongshao Hailuo (conch braised in soy sauce), and Tangcu Liyu (crispy sweet carp); Chuan cuisine is best known for Shuizhuyu (boiled fish with bean sprouts in hot chili oil) and Mapo Doufu (stir-fried been curd in hot sauce); for Yue cuisine, there are Kaoruzhu (roast suckling pig), and Qingzhengyu (steamed fish); for Min cuisine, we have Fotiaoqiang (steamed analone with shark’s fin and fish maw in broth), and Qingtang Yuwan (fish backs in soup); Songshu Guiyu (deep-fried mandarin fish in sweet and sour sauce) and Yanshuiya (poached chilled duck with pepper corn) are the leading dishes of Su cuisine; Dongporou (braised Dongpo pork) and Jiaohuaji (baked chicken vagabond style) represent Zhe cuisine; the major dishes of Xiang cuisine include Dong’an Ziji (Dong’an style spring chicken) and Huadiao Fengchi (braised chicken wings with yellow wine); Hui cuisine is famous for its Huotui Dun Jiayu (ham stewed with turtle) and Fuli ji Shao ji (Fuli ji roast chicken).

The features of the Eight Major Cuisines of China

The eight major cuisines of China differ in ingredients and taste. Lu cuisine, with a lot of spring onion and garlic, has a strong and thick taste, especially in sea food, soup and animal internal organs. Chuan cuisine is famous for being spicy, tongue numbing, fresh, delicious and hot. Yue cuisine, in general, is fresh, tender, smooth and hot salty. Min cuisine is sweet, sour, salty, and delicious with freshness and the temperature of the cooking. It is summarized as freshly light in color and elegant in style, processed and cooked with great care, looks fresh and detailed. It is mainly stir-fried and stewed. Xiang cuisine has a thick and sustained taste. It is colorful, tender and delicious. Hui cuisine focuses on color and the cooking temperature. Also, it is famous for keeping the original juices and taste of the food.

Food Types
凉菜 热菜 海鲜
liáng cài rè cài hăi xiān tāng
cold dish cooked dish seafood soup

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