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When you study with eChineseLearning, you will have access to loads of valuable language resources that will help you learn Chinese quickly and effectively. Our materials cover topics like popular words, useful Chinese idioms, key grammar points, fun Chinese songs, pointers on Chinese business etiquette, and much more! When combined with one-to-one online Chinese language classes, having resources like these at the touch of a button will be a great supplement to your Chinese studies.

You never know what someone is going to say in Chinese class! I have a million fun memories of moments with my students. But one of my favorite moments was a few years ago when a student of mine, a man in his 30s, was going over daily activities that his family did. He was ...

One of my favorite Mandarin Chinese conversation classes to teach is debate. When my classes have friendly debates about social issues or cultural differences, it gives Chinese learners a chance to think critically and also learn and apply some important, everyday Mandarin expressions to the discussion. Today, I will teach you one of these important ...

You know the Chinese usually communicate in an indirect style and they really care about “guanxi”–relationship among them. So how do you soften your statements and make them more euphemistic?

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: Usain Bolt is really a fast runner! Lydia, nǐ zhīdào tā mɑ?
    B: Zhīdào yì diǎnr. Tā hěn lìhai!
    Which of ...

Oh I can swim…just not today.

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: I’ll reach Beijing Capital International Airport at 8:00 am. Will you pick me up?
    B: Sorry. I need to work tomorrow. …
    What would she say? Please choose the best answer.
    A. Wǒ bú huì qù.
    B. Wǒ bù néng qù.
    C. Wǒ bú qù.
2. ...

Traveling in China often brings up a lot of confusion and anxiety for foreigners. China, despite being the most populated country in the world, is still a bit of a mystery for foreign visitors.
My first trip to China was my most exciting! I didn’t know what to expect at all! I was a bit ...

Have you ever met someone and been very impressed by how down to earth they are? In Chinese we have a phrase which is an equivalent to this idea in English and it is “接地气 (jiē dìqì)”. Native Chinese speakers often use it in daily life, when referring to a person or even more often, ...

How’s the weather today? How’s the weather in Shanghai? Talking about the weather is a nice ice-breaker to start a conversation.

Exercises in the Video:
1. Bella: Míngtiān tiānqì zěnmeyàng?
    Ellie: I heard that tomorrow would be very cold. Bella, you’d better wear your jacket.
    What does Bella want to know? Please choose the best answer according ...

1. Choose the right answer to fill in the blank.
           Nǐ xiànzài zài ____ guàngjiē ne?
Jessie: 你  现在   在  ____     逛街   呢?
          Wǒ zài zhōngxìn guǎngchǎng.
Molly: 我   在    中信       广场。
          I am in CITIC Plaza.
A. 哪里 (nǎlǐ)

B. 什么 (shénme)

C. 怎么 (zěnme)

D. 哪个 (nǎge)

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Presents, cakes, candles, and maybe a bowl of noodles?

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: Lìli, nǐ shénme shíhou guò shēngrì?
    B: Liù yuè shíbā hào.
    What will probably happen on June 18th this year? Please choose the best answer.
    A. Lili will give birth to a baby.
    B. Lili will go to Japan.
    C. Lili will ...

Sometimes a reason to keep learning Mandarin is to take a good look at well-known people who have learned it, and study the way they achieved fluency. Let’s take a look at these famous people who have taken the time to learn how to read, write and speak Mandarin:
1. Mark Zuckerberg 马克.扎克伯格. Everyone knows Mark ...

Although some of my Mandarin Chinese students sign up for Chinese classes to impress their in-laws, enrich their cultural knowledge or just to exercise their brains, the vast majority of my students become interested in Mandarin Chinese due to its business and career applications. There is probably no other language that will open doors the ...

Dàn yuàn rén cháng jiǔ, qiān lǐ gòng chán juān! (We wish each other a long life so as to share the beauty of this graceful light even though miles apart.) What a beautiful poem for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Let’s talk about the traditions of this important Chinese Festival in this lesson!

Exercises in the Video:
1. ...

There are people who often do something that exceeds other’s expectations. Some might, perhaps, memorize long passages in a book, or skillfully craft a figurine with dexterous hands. Sometimes though, not all talents are necessarily beneficial…like those who max out three credit cards in a single day.

Exercises in the Video:
1. What would she say? Please ...

1. Which of the following is in the correct Chinese word order?
    Shùxué duì wǒ bù gǎn xìngqù.
A. 数学     对  我  不  感    兴趣。
    Wǒ duì shùxué bù gǎn xìngqù.
B. 我   对    数学   不  感   兴趣。
    Bù gǎn xìngqù shùxué duì wǒ.
C. 不  感   兴趣     数学    对  我。
    Bù gǎn xìngqù duì wǒ shùxué.
D. 不  感   兴趣    对  我   数学。
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You are in a Chinese restaurant in New York. The waiter is about to provide you western utensils, yet you’d like to use chopsticks. What should you say?

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: Lydia, nǐ huì yòng kuàizi!
    B: Shì a, wǒ xǐhuan yòng kuàizi.
    Which of the following statements is true according to the dialogue?

You successfully signed a contract with a Chinese client, and got invited for a celebration party. Your Chinese host proposed a toast but you don’t drink alcohol at all. You don’t want to offend them but how do you explain to them politely?

Exercises in the Video:
1. A? Jīntiān shì nǐ de shēngrì? I forgot it. ...

My Chinese class is never dull! My students always keep me on my toes and laughing with their funny mistakes and their funny ways of learning.
One of my favorite “Daily Mandarin” classes was when one of my students was practicing conversational Chinese. He wanted to say a normal, everyday sentence, which was:
“Mom went to walk ...

Key Learning Points (Preview):

黄金周 (huángjīn zhōu) n. golden week


爬山 (páshān) v. mountain hiking


October first is "国庆节 (Guóqìngjié) National Day" in China, and commemorates the establishment of present-day China. "节(jié)" means "festival;" "国庆 (guóqìng)" is short for "国家喜庆之事 (guójiā xǐqìng zhī shì) the country's joyous moments." In ancient China, the biggest and most joyous event for ...

“This bag needs to be a little cheaper!” “This skirt needs to be a little cheaper!” “That DVD needs to be a little cheaper!” This lesson will show you the art of bargaining!

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: Josh, nǐ wèishénme bù chī wǎnfàn?
    B: Wǒ xiǎnɡ jiǎn féi, wǒ xiǎnɡ shòu yìdiǎnr.
    Which of the ...

Teaching Chinese culture and tradition is an essential part of teaching Mandarin Chinese. Not only are the words and phrases important, but learning about the lives of Chinese people adds a motivation to integrate and inspire my students to continue to pursue the language. Today, I’m going to introduce four traditional events that Chinese couples ...

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