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When you study with eChineseLearning, you will have access to loads of valuable language resources that will help you learn Chinese quickly and effectively. Our materials cover topics like popular words, useful Chinese idioms, key grammar points, fun Chinese songs, pointers on Chinese business etiquette, and much more! When combined with one-to-one online Chinese language classes, having resources like these at the touch of a button will be a great supplement to your Chinese studies.

Learning Mandarin Chinese is different from learning other languages such as Italian or French. It is nearly impossible to self-study Mandarin Chinese or learn through books and audio/video resources alone. To effectively learn Mandarin Chinese, you need to immerse yourself into a learning process with a native-speaking Chinese teacher. If possible, the opportunity to study ...

Do you work really hard for the money you earn? In the West, we have different levels of jobs. We separate them by words like “蓝领 (lánlǐng) blue-collar” and “白领 (báilǐng) white-collar” jobs. In China, there are different types of jobs as well, some harder than others.
Do you work as a manual laborer, for ...

This movie is pretty good! The weather is pretty nice! He is pretty humorous! That jacket is pretty cool! See what we are getting at?

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: Judy, nĭ de zhōumò zĕnmeyàng?
    B: Tĭng búcuò de. I watched the Euro Cup.
    Which of the following statements is true according to the dialogue? Please ...

1. Please choose the best answer to fill in the blank.

Chú le shùxué, wǒ dìdi de ______ chéngjì dōu búcuò.
除   了  数 学,我 弟弟 的 ______   成  绩  都   不 错。
A. 全部 (Quánbù)

B. 其中 (Qízhōng)

C. 其他 (Qítā)

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Have you tried Chinese white liquor before? Maotai or Erguotou, which do you prefer?

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: David, wǒmen hē shénme?
    B: …
    What would David most likely to say according to the dialogue?
    A. Lái yí gè gōngbǎo jīdīng.
    B. Wǒ bù xiǎng qù.
    C. Hē báijiǔ, zěnmeyàng?
2. A: Zuótiān wǎnshang ...

So you are learning to speak Mandarin. That’s great! But can you speak with native Chinese people? The first step to doing so is to use a little slang or at least be able to understand when you hear it in conversation. Today’s slang word is used as an exaggeration for describing something in its ...

In English we have the saying, “Take a chill pill!” This can be slightly derogatory, but it also can encourage others to relax a bit when they are being too up-tight.
In Chinese we have a phrase that very much relates to this meaning. It is “定心丸 (Dìngxīnwán)”. And it originally was used to define a ...

1. Read the dialogue and choose the best answer to fill in the blank.
Xiǎoméi: Nǐ yǒu shénme _____?
小   梅:你 有     什  么  _____?
Ān Qí: Wǒ xǐhuān kànshū.
安  琪:我 喜 欢    看  书。
A. 活动 (Huódòng)

B. 工作 (Gōngzuò)

C. 爱好 (Àihào)

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Quite often, I receive messages from parents outside China who would like some guidance and suggestions on how to motivate their children to learn Mandarin Chinese and what goals to set. While standardized tests may only motivate some students, I do find that the AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam is an excellent way to ...

Expressing emotion is difficult enough but trying to say how you feel in another language is a whole new challenge. Here is a Chinese slang expression that reveals feelings of frustration and aggravation. For instance, most of us have faced this situation: You are typing a way on your computer and suddenly it freezes. So ...

Western breakfast in Chinese terms.

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: John, wǒmen míngtiān zǎocān chī màipiàn, zěnmeyang?
    B: Wǒ bù xiǎng chī màipiàn, wǒ xiǎng chī niúnǎi hé miànbāoquān.
    What does John want to eat for breakfast tomorrow? Please choose the best answer.
    A. Only cereal.
    B. Only milk.
    C. Milk and donuts.
2. A: Zǎoshang ...

1. Please choose the best answer to fill in the blank.
Lǐ huá tèbié xiǎng mǎi zhè ____ xié, dànshì tā de jiǎo tài dà.
李 华  特别    想      买   这  ____  鞋,但 是 他 的  脚   太  大。
A. 把 (Bǎ)

B. 双 (Shuāng)

C. 张 (Zhāng)

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If you’re ever planning on living in China and understanding Mandarin Chinese, a working knowledge of Chinese words with both literal and figurative meanings will be absolutely necessary to follow the topic and direction of the conversation. If we are learning through books or outdated lessons, we may take every word literally and miss the ...

As we all know, rice is a very common food in China. We eat it all the time! If you look at the amount of chopsticks we use it to eat every year, you can see it is a staple in our diet and our life. There are many rice paddies in China, and much ...

April Fools’ Day is fast approaching! Have you prepared the surprise for your friends?

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: Rachel, you told me you wrecked my car! It looks fine to me…what’s wrong with you?
    B: Hàha, jīntiān shì Yúrénjié! Yúrénjié kuàilè!
    Which of the following is true according to the dialogue? Please choose the best ...

1. Choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.
Jīntiān jiàn le xīn péngyǒu Lily, wǒ ____ tā de yìnxiàng _____.
今  天   见  了 新   朋   友  Lily,我 ____ 她 的  印  象    _____。
A. 使 (shǐ),很好 (hěnhǎo)
B. 让 (ràng),很好 (hěnhǎo)
C. 对 (duì),很好 (hěnhǎo)
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There is one word that I ALWAYS teach my students when they are new to Chinese culture. As with any country/culture, relationship is everything. To interact with meaning with those around you, it’s essential you have an understanding of how business, interpersonal, familial and other types of relationships work. The word that best covers the ...

As you may know, colors hold an important role in the use of language in Chinese culture. The color “红 (hóng) red” is associated with fortune and good luck. The color “白 (bái) white” represents death and decay. “黑 (hēi) black” can represent integrity, but also indicate a fearful and pessimistic outlook on life. While ...

1. Please read the dialogue below and choose the best answer to fill in the blank.
A: 你的汉语真好!

B: 谢谢!我学汉语一 ______ 多了。
A. 年

B. 分

C. 时

See Answer Analysis

I want to buy several new dresses for the weekend’s party! I bought several T-shirts for my boyfriend. Rachel can drink several bottles of beer. Learn to indicate an approximate number in Chinese.

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: Rachel, I want to go to the Lady Gaga concert. Nǐ yǒu piào ma?
    B: Wǒ yǒu jǐ ...

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