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Answer analysis:
wēn dù zuì gāo dá 30 shè shì dù yǐ shàng.
Temperatures have peaked at over thirty degrees Celsius

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Autumnal Equinox is the 16th of the 24 solar terms, which is generally from September 22nd to 24th on the Gregorian Calendar. The highest point of the sun continues to move south after the autumnal equinox so that the days are short and the nights are longer in the northern hemisphere while the southern hemisphere ...

Chinese medicine is nearly as old as Chinese civilization itself. Yet it continues to be used, even in 2020. It is sometimes combined with modern medicine and is said to speed recovery time from illness and injury as well as enhance overall wellbeing. Since well being is becoming more important in western countries, Traditional Chinese ...

Suppose you see the following scene transpire between two friends:
Friend A:
yīqǐ qù páshān ma?
Want to climb a mountain?

Friend B:
(lüè dài jīngkǒng de) bùle bùle
(Slightly frightened) No no no…

If you’re not from China, you might be confused – why is this something to panic about?

Let me break it down for you!
Recently, the ...

Everyone used to complain that there wasn’t enough time in a day. Now people just can’t seem to manage time due to their schedules being completely different. It’s not that we are lazy most of the time it’s just that being a manager of your day to day allotted hours is harder than you could ...

The establishment of “教师节(jiào shī jié) Teacher’s Day”, aims to recognize the effort made by teachers in the field of education and falls on September 10th every year.
At the beginning of the new school year (usually September 1st), students would start preparing the activities to show their teacher’s respect.

教师 (jiào shī): n teacher.

wǒ shì ...

We’re all guilty of it in some form or another. It ranges from innocently angling your phone higher to make yourself appear smaller to spinning around in pursuit of the most flattering light to conceal a not-so-perfect complexion. On the extreme end, however, is what is commonly called “PS (Photoshop)” in Chinese. Some Chinese netizens ...

The Ghost Festival “鬼节 (guǐ jié)”, also known as the Hungry Ghost Festival, Mid Year Festival “中元节 (zhōng yuán jié)”, or Yulan Festival is a traditional Buddhist and Taoist festival held in certain East Asian countries.
This festival is known as a traditional Chinese festival that occurs on “July and a half”. The emergence of “July ...

If you love “啤酒(píjiǔ) beer” and know a little about China, then you must also know you can’t miss the Qingdao International Beer Festival.
The Qingdao International Beer Festival is a large-scale celebration that integrates economy, trade, tourism and culture, all with beer as the medium. In fact, it is the largest beer event in Asia!

The ...

The seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar is the Chinese Qixi Festival, meaning it falls on August 25 this year.The Qixi Festival symbolizes love, a day of romantic celebration between individuals and their significant others.
The festival is based on the legend of a cowherd and a weaver girl who designated this ...

“杀(shā)” means to cause the death of someone or something and, generally speaking, it’s used very similarly to the way “kill” is in English.
杀人(shārén): v. kill/murder

shārén fànfǎ
It’s illegal to kill.

tā shārén le.
He killed someone.

Given the popularity of the game 王者荣耀(wángzhě róngyào) in recent years, there’s a large chance you’ve heard the announcement, ...

When it comes to food, the list of famous Chinese dishes, from Peking duck, to Mapo tofu, to Chongqing hot pot, to Dongpo pork belly and more, is nearly endless.

However, with so many foods imported from abroad to meet the demands of Chinese diners, the importance (and subsequent trending online) of nucleic acid testing has ...

“有趣(yǒuqù)” and “有意思(yǒuyìsi)” both mean “funny” or “interesting” in English. Are their usages exactly the same? Let’s find out today.
(1) When expressing something that arouses curiosity or affection: 有趣(yǒuqù) = 有意思(yǒuyìsi)
zhège rén hěn yǒuqù/yǒuyìsi.
This person is funny/interesting.

tā shuōhuà hěn yǒuqù/yǒuyìsi.
He speaks in a very funny/interesting way.

(2) “有意思(yǒuyìsi)” can also mean that there ...

In current events, there are many upsetting stories in the news including civil protests, a global fight against a virus, and natural disasters. You may not have heard, but since June, continuous heavy rainfall has occurred in southern China.

The accumulated rainfall is massive and the coverage is widespread. The flood prevention efforts in the middle ...

Please select the correct words and fill in the blanks.
A.再 (zài)

B.又 (yòu)

1. tā ______ yě méiyǒu huílái.
   他 ______ 也没有回来。

2. tā ______ méiyǒu huílái.
   他 ______ 没有回来。

3. míngtiān ______ shì zhōumòliǎo.
   明天 ______ 是周末了。

4. wǒmen míngtiān ______ jìxù tǎolùn.
   我们明天 ______ 继续讨论。

See Answer Analysis
Challenge Yourself to Identify More Similar Chinese Words:
“What Do a ...

When people think of bodybuilding they immediately imagine competitions on stage with hungry figures wearing walnut tanning oil. That’s not necessarily the case.
In Chinese, when we refer to bodybuilding we can just as easily mean, taking care of our overall fitness levels. This can range from age and ability but the one thing “bodybuilders” have ...

With the outbreak of coronavirus, people following the news have probably seen the following words pop up over and over, but may be unsure what the difference is: “感染 (gǎnrǎn)” and “传染 (chuánrǎn)”. Today I’ll tell you how to use them.
感染 (gǎn rǎn): infection/infect.

(1) Pathological reactions caused by pathogenic microorganisms and parasites invading the ...

Recently, girl groups and boy groups are very popular in China.When it comes to the “女团(nǚ tuán) all-girl pop group”, everyone imagines a young, beautiful girl who can sing and dance. Recently, however, a special all-girl pop group appeared in everyone’s field of vision. They are a group comprised of 30-plus sisters who want ...

(1) Both 以前 (yǐqián) and 从前 (cóngqián) can be used to refer to the past.
(2) 以前 (yǐqián) generally refers to a time before now, can be placed at the beginning or the middle of a sentence;
从前 (cóngqián) is always used at the very beginning of a story.
(3) 以前 (yǐqián) can be used after time words ...

We all hate them and know they aren’t fair but are you guilty of having any “双标(shuāng biāo)?” It means double standard but the full term is “双重标准(shuāng chóng biāo zhǔn)”. Maybe you aren’t even aware of what a double standard is! In that case, it refers to the opposite judgment or behavior of the ...

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