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When you study with eChineseLearning, you will have access to loads of valuable language resources that will help you learn Chinese quickly and effectively. Our materials cover topics like popular words, useful Chinese idioms, key grammar points, fun Chinese songs, pointers on Chinese business etiquette, and much more! When combined with one-to-one online Chinese language classes, having resources like these at the touch of a button will be a great supplement to your Chinese studies.

Do you feel like you have people to back you up on a daily basis, in daily life? In Mandarin Chinese we have a special word for such sentiment, and the word is:
“后台 (hòutái)”

In reality the word “后台 (hòutái)” has two different meanings when we use it in a sentence.
1. “后台 (hòutái)” n. The area ...

None of us like to start a new learning process just to end up being average in the end. We all wish to become “masters” at what we do. I began learning Mandarin Chinese nearly two years ago. While I’m still far from being a master of Chinese, I do strive daily to meet the ...

Chinese people are big on treating people to dinner. It is common for Chinese to go to dinner or lunch together and vie to be the one to pay the bill. This lesson helps you understand this aspect of Chinese culture.

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: Lìli, wǒmen qù dǎ bǎolíngqiú ba. Wǒ qǐngkè.
    B: Zhè ...

Each year we are seeing Chinese become more and more popular, all around the world, but especially in Asian countries. As 2017 is done, Asian countries have chosen a Chinese “Character of the Year” that best sums up their dominant life and cultural stories of the past 12 months. Read these and see if you ...

In a previous article, I introduced a popular speaking topic that I explore in my Mandarin Chinese classes with curious students: 10 Expressions You Should Never Say to a Chinese Woman. In Part I, I introduced the first 5 expressions that Chinese women hate to hear, from “多喝热水。(Duō hē rèshuǐ.)” = “Drink more hot water.” ...

Hurry up! The flower shop closes before 5 P.M.! You should pay your rent before next Sunday! I’ll arrive before 6:30! Learn how to express “before a certain time” in this lesson.

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: When should we arrive for the party?
    B: Bā diǎn bàn yǐqián.
    When should the two arrive for the ...

“矮 ǎi” vs. “短 duǎn.” Both of them mean “short” in English, but they are used quite differently in Chinese.

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: Mìyuè guò de zěnmeyàng a?
    B: Tǐng hǎo de, jiùshì …
    What would she say? Please choose the correct answer.
    A. Tài duǎn le!
    B. Tài ǎi le!
2. A: Wǒ gěi ...

Please choose the correct word to fill in the blank.
  Zhè   jiàn yīfú bú dà bù xiǎo, wǒ chuān shàng ______ .
1. 这    件  衣服 不 大  不  小,我     穿    上   ______ 。
A. 很松 (hěnsōng)

B. 正好 (zhènghǎo)

C. 很紧 (hěnjǐn)

See Answer Analysis

Have you heard about the recent discovery of two new planets? We are always discovering new things, including what NASA calls exoplanets, or planets outside of the earth’s solar system. Most recently, NASA and Google have discovered two new planets in a far-away “太阳系 (tài yáng xì) solar system” using cutting-edge “人工智能 (réngōng zhìnéng) artificial ...

One of the speaking topics that I love to explore, and that is never dull, in my Mandarin Chinese classes is the endless conversation on dating and relationships. Students enjoy comparing the behavior of men and women between cultures and are always curious about how these relationship matters are typically dealt with in China. We ...

In life, we all have our moments of needing one more of something: “One more beer!” “One more bowl!” “One more time!” “One more gold medal!”

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: Fúwùyuán, zài yào yì wǎn miàn.
    B: Hǎo de!
    What does the customer want? Please choose the best answer.
    A. He wants to have one ...

1. Please choose the correct word to fill in the blank.
A: Nǐ yǒu shénme kuàisù _____ kǒuyǔ shuǐpíng de hǎo bànfǎ ma?
A:你  有   什么    快速  _____   口语    水平      的  好   办法   吗?
B: Zhǐyào nǐ jiānchí měitiān hé Zhōngguórén liáotiān, nǐ jiù yídìng huì yǒu jìnbù.
B:只要  你   坚持     每天    和   中国人          聊天,  你 就   一定   会   有  进步。
B: As long as you keep chatting with Chinese people every day, your speaking will surely get ...

Seems like everyone loves ice cream. But ice cream hotpot?

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: Tài rè le. Wǒ xiǎng chī ge tiántǒng, nǐ yào bu yào?
    B: Dāngrán yào.
    What do they want to have according to the dialogue? Please choose the best answer.
    A. sundaes
    B. ice cream cakes
    C. ice cream cones
2. ...

Whenever my friends return home for the holidays (in China, that’s the New Year, Spring or Autumn Festival), they always end up calling me and complaining about the same thing:
“Jennifer, my mom is at it again–I’m still not married, and she says I should be!”
Many young people in China face the same kind of pressure ...

Business relationships can be just as influential as personal ones in our daily lives, if you spend a lot of time at work. My fellow teachers and I are constantly interacting with one another, and this makes our lives richer and more fun, and it makes us better teachers! If you work in an office, ...

Red, black…when Chinese people use them, do you know what they REALLY mean?

Exercises in the Video:
1. Zhēn bù zhīdào Jill shì zǒu le shénme yùn. Tā de xīn nán péngyou shì yǒumíng de zuànshí wáng lǎo wǔ.
    Which of the followings is true?
    A. Tā hěn xǐhuan Jill.
    B. Tā duì Jill hěn yǎnhóng.
    C. Tā ...

There is the Great Wall in China. There is the Eiffel Tower in France. There is the London Eye in U.K. Are there any landmarks in your Country?

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: Are there many foreigners in Beijing?
    B: Shì de, Běijīng yǒu hěnduō wàiguórén.
    Which of the following statements is most likely to be ...

Daily life can be vastly different between the USA and China. It’s no secret that the food, history and culture of the two countries are not always similar. One other aspect of life that is unique in China is the things you can find when you’re out shopping. China is today the manufacturing capital of ...

HSK Sample quiz:
Rose and Jenny are talking about Jack, the new staff member, in the lounge.
Rose: Nǐ juéde Jack zěnmeyàng?
Rose: 你  觉得 Jack     怎么样?
Rose: What do you think of Jack?

Jenny: Jack shì gè réncái, jīnglǐ hěn shǎngshí tā!
Jenny: Jack 是 个   人才,经理 很   赏识      他!

According to the dialogue, what does “人才 (réncái)” mean?
A. Good person
B. Handsome person
C. Famous person
D. Talented person
See Answer

In traditional Chinese culture, “Winter solstice” marks the start of the longer daylight hours and an increase in positive energy flowing in. Chinese call this day “dōngzhì,” and eat either dumplings or Tangyuan on that day.

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: Ellie, Dōngzhì kuàilè!
    B: Xièxie! …
    What would she say? Please choose the best answer.

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