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New Standard Chinese (Elementary Level 1, 2)

Peking University Press
(I)ISBN 7-301-077777/H.1024
(II)ISBN 7-301-0778-5/H.1025
Chief Editor Fang Ming

教材类型 注释语言 适用对象 册数 配套产品
大学综合教材 英语 中学生,大学生,成人 2 课本、第一册配2CD,第二册配3CD
Type Annotation Ideal for volume Supporting Material
Comprehensive textbook for college English Beginners of High school student, college student, adults 2 Textbook, 2CD for Book 1, 3CD for Book 2
The book is compiled by professors of Bejing Language and Culture University for high school student, college students and grow-up learners as well. It concentrates on the words and grammar examined in HSK 1-3, introducing the basic knowledge of Chinese phonetic symbols and helping beginners to learn tones and pronunciation rules. The learners can also learn useful everyday expressions and dialogues to lay a solid foundation for further learning of Chinese.


Correct Your Chinese Pronunciation

Peking University Press
ISBN 7-301-07742-4/H.1119
Edited by Wang Ruojiang

教材类型 注释语言 适用对象 册数 配套产品
语音专项训练教材 英语 中级学习者 1 课本、3CD
Type Annotation Ideal for volume Supporting Material
Pronunciation textbook English Intermediate students 1 Textbook, 3CD


A Business Trip to China-Conversation & Application

Beijing Language and Culture University Press
ISBN 7-5619-1454-7
Edited by Wan Xiaojun

教材类型 注释语言 适用对象 册数 配套产品
商务汉语教材 英语 初学者 2 课本、练习册、CD
Type Annotation Ideal for volume Supporting Material
Chinese textbook for business English beginners 2 Textbook, worksbooks,CD
The clear theme and brief, practical conversation help learners easily imitate and memorize characters and conversations. It is accompanied with workbooks, and has rich contents. Practical, communicative and interesting.


Chinese Paradise

Beijing Language and Culture University Press
ISBN 7-5619-1439-3
Edited by Liu Fuhua, Wang Wei, Zhou Ruian, Li Dongmei

教材类型 注释语言 适用对象 册数 级数 配套产品
少儿汉语教材 英语 零起点、小学生 2 3 学生用书(附CD)、活动手册、教师用书、CD-ROM、教学挂图、词语卡片
Type Annotation Ideal for volume Level Supporting Material
Chinese textbooks for children English Beginners, primary students 2 3 Workbook, Students’ Book(CD attached),CD-ROM, Wall picture, Card
Accompanying illustrations, children songs, handicraft and games, they are designed according to students’ process of cognition and ages. Combining Chinese rudimentary knowledge with Chinese Culture, it has a rich, interesting content.
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