Olympic City Tour—Our Second Station: Shenyang

Our Second Station: Shenyang – Pride of the Northeas

In northeast China, there is a beautiful city – Shenyang, where some of the Olympic Games will be held.

Very cool in summer, it is a famous summer resort; very cold and snowy in winter, it is ideal for skiing; its “Ice and Snow World” is a wonderful skiing site.

Shenyang has a long history of about 2,000 years. It was once the capital of Nuerhachi, the Taizu Emperor (1616-1626) of the Qing Dynasty. Therefore there are many historic sites, among which the most famous is the Shenyang Imperial Palace.

There are many ethnic minorities in Shenyang, e.g. Manchu, Korean, Hui; so, there are many delicious dainties typical of ethnic minorities, like Korean roast beef and Hui steamed dumplings. The most famous is the so-called “Royal Feast of Complete Manchu-Han Courses”, which the Qing emperors enjoyed. Why not has a taste?

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