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Over the past 15 years, students from over 100 countries from age 3 to 86 have learned Chinese online with eChineseLearning.
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Chen Zhang, Jinghuai Xiong, Zitao Pan and Haoyang Cui are some of our students taking IB Chinese lessons at eChineseLearning. We are so pleased they wrote a Chinese song to express their appreciation and sing their praises to eChineseLearning. Jerry, who lives in Auckland, New Zealand, joined a Chinese class at eChineseLearning 3 months ago. He is interested in Chinese culture. He likes the school because he can take the course at a time most convenient for him and his teacher teaches him according to his needs. Xiao Lan is 7 years old and in the second grade. She likes the teacher at eChineseLearning because the teacher not only teaches Xiao Lan how to speak and write Chinese characters but also plays games with her! Michael Stewart has been studying Chinese with eChineseLearning for quite a few years. He thinks studying is really fun because the teachers are experts at what they do and they are very flexible. Brenton, from North Carolina, learns Chinese for more than 10 years with eChineseLearning. The teachers are very patient, and he enjoys the classes very much.
Sofia lives in America, has been studying Chinese with eChineseLearning since she was in the ninth grade. She likes eChineseLearning because the lessons are very suitable and useful for her. Ron from Chicago is sharing how eChineseLearning’s teachers have helped him with his Mandarin Chinese and recommending the flexible curriculum schedule. Ruiya and her adoptive daughter Wenting are sharing how eChineseLearning’s teachers have helped with Wenting’s Mandarin as well as Chinese culture and highly recommending eChineseLearning to Chinese learners. Madeline Owens was borned in China and now living in America, she is sharing how her teacher Penny from eChineseLearning has helped with her spoken Chinese and the memorable learning experience with eChineseLearning’s immersion program in Xi’an. Wilson Guo, a Chinese American, is sharing his improvements in Mandarin Chinese through eChineseLearning’s 1-to-1 live online Chinese classes.
Rockking from the UK is showing his great interest in Chinese culture including Chinese calligraphy, history and food while learning Chinese in Xi’an on eChineseLearning’s immersion program. . Vincent Li, an English businessman living in Hong Kong, is sharing the reason why he should learn Chinese and how eChineseLearning’s teachers have helped with his spoken Chinese. Amelia Gu from California is speaking highly of her primary teacher Nissa from eChineseLearning who greatly helped her Chinese on speaking and writing. Natalie Ieyoub, an American citizen, is sharing her rapid and brilliant Chinese learning progress and recommending eChineseLearning’s professional tutoring services. Aris Kampanis, an engineer from Greece, is showing his great interest in China as well as Chinese culture and how he loves to learn Mandarin Chinese with his teacher Nancy from eChineseLearning.
Martin Fenton, an American HR manager is sharing his Chinese learning experience with eChineseLearning and how his primary teacher helped him to prepare for HSK test (level 3). Dawn Scott Batts, an American citizen, is sharing her experience of learning Mandarin through eChineseLearning’s immersion program in Wuhan, which was tailored to her needs and immersed herself in the Chinese language and the local culture. You En,a British who really likes eChineseLearning because the teachers are very friendly. His teacher gives him interesting classes and makes him feel confident. David Jupp, an Australian scholar, highly recommended eChineseLearning for its professional services and tutoring, which greatly helped his Mandarin Chinese on listening, speaking, reading and writing. Suman, from Sinapore, studies Chinese because he wants to communicate with her kids and colleagues. eChineseLearning’s flexible and easy teaching method helps him to achieve this goal effectively.
Vaidyanath Swamy, a businessman from Singapore, has been studying business Chinese with eChineseLearning for two years. eChineseLearning’s flexible online class booking system and professional teachers make his Chinese learning enjoyable and effective. Aaron Sweeney, a Canadian student, is showing his great appreciation to eChineseLearning for its flexible services and professional teachers. Laura Silverman, a professor from Ohio, is sharing her experience of studying Mandarin at eChineseLearning for 3 years. Two of her students in college also gave their positive feedback on the great progress she made. Zenas Choi, a sophomore student at NYU, expresses his satisfaction to eChineseLearning’s convenient services and professional teachers. His spoken Mandarin has improved a lot with the help of his primary teacher Jocelyn. Olivia from America is sharing her Chinese learning experience, and she really likes the teachers at eChineseLearning.