C.TEST (Test of Practical Chinese) Prep Course

One-to-one C.TEST (Test of Practical Chinese) Prep Courses are designed in accordance with your level and specific goals in taking the C.TEST (A-D Level and E-F Level).
C.TEST Prep Course Level 1
C.TEST Prep Course Level 2
C.TEST Prep Course Level 3
C.TEST Prep Course Level 4
C.TEST Prep Course Level 5
C.TEST Prep Course Level 6
What is C.TEST (Test of Practical Chinese)?
C.TEST (实用汉语水平认定考试 shíyòng hànyŭ shuǐpíng rèndìng kăoshì) is the short form for the Test of Practical Chinese, a Chinese proficiency test developed by Beijing Language and Culture University for non-native speaking Chinese learners. C.TEST aims to assess the candidates’ ability to use Chinese in such topics as business, culture, education, and trade.


Martin Fenton
Vincent Li

Student Feedback

“eChineseLearning.com has been one of the best things I’ve done this year. Both scheduling classes and having the decision on what to learn are (both) very flexible, so I can learn at my own pace and focus on my problem areas. Since I often find myself in China for work, my teacher has been showing me phrases specific to my industry, so I can usually immediately put what I’ve learnt to the test.”
– Eric, New York, United States
Aug. 22, 2017
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