Daily Chinese Lessons

Daily Chinese lessons are for Chinese learners who do not have enough time to learn Chinese systematically but are interested in being able to speak enough Chinese to get buy in daily life. This Chinese course focuses on daily expressions.
Beginner daily Chinese lessons

Beginner Daily Chinese Lessons

  • This level is for Chinese learners who are complete novices or have learned little Chinese.
  • You will learn basic daily expressions and topics such as greetings, shopping, ordering food, asking for directions and time, etc.
  • Goals: Able to communicate in Chinese to the extent that is required to survive in everyday life in China.
Intermediate daily Chinese lessons

Intermediate Daily Chinese Lessons

  • This level is for Chinese learners who can communicate in Chinese with basic vocabulary and expressions.
  • You will learn more vocabulary and expressions used in social settings including travel, sports, medical care, entertainment, etc.
  • Goals: Able to conduct daily conversations on familiar topics with native speakers.
Advanced daily Chinese lessons

Advanced Daily Chinese Lessons

  • This level is for Chinese learners who can conduct daily conversations with native speakers, but the communication is somewhat dependent on repetition or paraphrasing.
  • You will learn more native expressions, such as idioms and trendy words on a wide range of familiar and non-familiar topics.
  • Goals: Able to communicate with native speakers with confidence and express yourself spontaneously and fluently.
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