Parting Etiquette in China

Farewells in China, like welcoming receptions, follow certain etiquette. In formal business situations, the following procedures are usually followed for a proper farewell: first, determine the level of farewell ceremony; then, arrange proper transportation; give or exchange gifts; and finally see off the guest.

As guests leave, hosts will usually observe the following etiquette: first, urge the guests stand up; and finally, walk with the guests for a certain will not usually initiate handshakes with their guests.Gifts are usually exchanged before guests leave. Gifts are expected to be nice but not too expensive. Expensive gifts might make the other party feel uncomfortable and even cause a misunderstanding. In general, special local products are good choices.

It is always proper to accept gifts with two hands, and then shake hands with the gift giver while saying “Xiexie” (Thank you).

For final farewells, guests usually say “Gaoci le” (See you later), while hosts may say “Yilu shunfeng” (Have a good trip), “lutu ping’an” (Have a safe trip), or “Chang lianxi” (Keep in touch). The host may also ask the guest to say hello from the host to the guest’s family or colleagues. Sometimes, both parties may say “Duo baozhong” (Take care) to each other.

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