Huayi Bros. Media Group & the Chinese GEM Stock Market

On October 30, 2009, among the first batch of listed companies on the GEM-Growth Enterprises Market in China, the star-studded Huayi Brothers Media Group was the most 引人注目(yĭnrénzhùmù) eye-catching one. Huayi Brothers Media Group is one of the most famous 娱乐(yúlè) entertainment groups in Mainland China. It gained a widespread reputation because of it’s annual investment of Feng Xiaogang’s 贺岁片(hèsuìpiàn)) New Year films. Feng Xiaogang is one of the most famous movie directors in China. Huayi Brothers Media Group’s listing on the GEM has also 开门红(kāiménhóng) got off to a good start. In only one day, it produced 14 millionaires-the market value of each one was beyond 亿元人民币(yìyuán rénmínbì) 100 million yuan RMB. In Chinese language, 100 million is called “一亿(yíyì).” There are some well-known films which were produced and distributed by Huayi Brothers Media Group. The Forbidden Kingdom (starred Jackie Chan and Jet Li), If You Are The One (see Newsletter issue 2), The Banquet (starred Zhang Ziyi), A World Without Thieves (starred Andy Lau), Rob-B-Hood (starred Jackie Chan).

引人注目(yĭnrénzhùmù) Eye-catching

The character 引(yĭn) means to attract; 人(rén) means people; 注(zhù) means attention and 目(mù) means eye, 注目(zhùmù) means to watch attentively.

For example:

Tā zŏngshì chuānzhuó rùshí, yĭnrén zhùmù.
她    总是      穿着      入时,引人    注目。
She’s always eye-catching because of her fashionable clothes.

开门红(kāiménhóng) Getting off to a good start

The character 开(kāi) means to open; 门(mén) means door or gate; 红(hóng) means red, but in Chinese language it means such good expression like eminent, influential, very popular, etc.

For example:

Chăng lĭ jīnnián yī kāishĭ jiù qŭdéle kāiménhóng, dì yī gè jìdù  jiù chāo’é wánchéngle rènwù.
厂     里  今年  一  开始 就  取得了     开门红,第 一 个 季度 就  超额    完成了      任务。
Our factory got off to a good start this year, acheiving the production quota for the very first quarter.


1. 娱乐(yúlè) n/v. entertainment/to entertain

2. 贺岁片(zànchéngpiào) n. New Year films

3. 亿(yì) num. a hundred million

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