Mini-Test Answer: to be blessed with good food

Intermediate Level 中级 (zhōng)

The right answer to the test is A.


Nǐ kě zhēn yǒu kǒu fú, zhèng hǎo pèng shàng wǒ zhège dà chú.
Mary: 你可 真     有   口 福,正        好    碰       上     我  这个  大 厨。
You really are blessed with good food; today you get me in the kitchen: a bona fide chef!

Shì ma? Nà wǒ kě jiù bú kèqi le.
Tom: 是   吗?那 我 可 就不 客气了。
Really? Well I can’t be rude now can I? I’ll stick around the house and try your famous cooking!


The phrase “有口福 (yǒukǒufú)” usually means that someone has the knack for always being where delicious food is served. It also defines someone who has the chance to enjoy good things in life, or always has good relatives and friends around. “有 (yǒu)” means to have; “口 (kǒu)” means mouth and “福 ()” means good fortune. The phrase is a bit like saying “Wow, everything always works out for you, doesn’t it?”

For instance, when you arrive home just in time to see your whole family gathered and about to enjoy a huge feast, someone could say “你真有口福 (Nǐ zhēn yǒu kǒu fú) You really are blessed with good family and good food.”


Yí dào guò nián, wǒmen jiù yǒu kǒu fú le, yīnwèi māma huì zuò hěn duō hǎo chīde.
一 到    过    年,   我们   就 有   口 福了,因为    妈妈  会   做    很   多    好   吃的。
When Spring Festival comes, we’re always lucky to have wonderful food, since my mom always cooks a ton.

Nǐ kě zhēn yǒu kǒu fú, nǐ lǎogōng měitiān dōu zuò hǎo fàn děng nǐ huíjiā chī.
你可    真    有   口 福,你 老公     每天      都    做   好   饭   等    你  回家   吃。
You really are blessed to have a husband that cooks and waits for you to come home every day.

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