Chinese Test: I’m a great cook.

Intermediate Level 中级 (zhōng)


Mary’s decided to show off her cooking talent for Tom, who’s arrived just in time for a proper feast.

         Nǐ kě zhēn yǒu kǒu fú, zhèng hǎo pèng shàng wǒ zhège dà chú.
Mary: 你可 真   有    口 福, 正      好     碰       上    我    这个   大 厨。
         Shì ma? Nà wǒ kě jiù bú kèqi le.
Tom: 是 吗?那 我可 就  不  客气了。

Here, what does “有口福 (yǒu kǒu fú)” mean?

A. to be blessed with good food

B. to be happy and content after eating a large meal

C. to be blessed with the ability to cook well

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