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Fun Stuff

eChineseLearning provides a huge number of FREE Chinese learning materials to help you learn Chinese and have lots of fun too. These fun Chinese resources are edited by eChineseLearning's professional Chinese teaching staff. Satisfaction guaranteed! Free Chinese resources from eChineseLearning will be a great companion for you as you learn Chinese.

It is common to see many carts like the one in the video set out along the street selling breakfast each morning. A traditional breakfast, 煎饼果子(jiānbǐng guǒzi), is made up mainly of a fried flour and egg batter, with chopped green onions, lettuce and soy sauce. You can also ask for hot sauce for a ...

New Movie
非常完美(fēicháng wánměi) Sophie’s Revenge

Watch the movie
The new movie 非常完美(fēicháng wánměi)
Sophie’s Revenge, released on Aug.14th, 2009,
is a new kind of romantic comedy with a global vision. It stars Zhang Ziyi and Fan Bingbing together with Peter Ho, and South Korean actor Ji-seob as the male lead. It is “a war to win love” ...

歇后语(Xiē hòu yǔ)Chinese Allegories
Two-part allegorical saying (of which the first part, always stated, is descriptive, while the second part, often unstated, carries the message)
Báyuè shí wŭ de yuèliang—zhèngdàguāngmíng
八月    十  五 的    月亮    —    正大光明
The moon on Mid-Autumn Festival—fair and square

Báyuè shí wŭ kàn guìhuā—huāhăoyuèyuán
八月    十  五  看    桂花 ...

早点(zăodiăn) Breakfast; Coming Early

Advanced level/高级 gāojí

Nĭmen zhōngguó díquè shì yí gè qínfèn de mínzú.
A: 你们     中国       的确    是  一  个  勤奋  的   民族。
You China really are a diligent nation.

Nĭ zěnme kàn chū lái de?
B: 你 怎么   看    出  来 的?
How do you ...

Where does it originate from?

As early as the Yuan Dynasty, herders were proud of raising horses. When horse herders encountered one another, they would often pat the buttocks of the others’ horse and say, “What a good horse!” to fawn on the owner of the horse. At first, people only praised truly good horses, but ...

夜店(yèdiàn) One Night in Supermarket

夜店(yèdiàn) One Night in Supermarket is a new movie (released on July 24th, 2009) that has been receiving rave reviews. Because the production costs were low, but the gross was high, this film has widely become known as “The Gross Dark Horse.” Why is it so popular? ...

巩俐(Gǒng Lì) Gong Li and her “New Nationality”

Finishing with the sentence “We are of Singaporean identity now,” Chinese actress Gong Li became Singaporean on 9th Nov in 2008 in the formal swearing-in ceremony 宣誓仪式(xuānshì yíshì) in Singapore. Since then it has become a hot topic among people all over China. Gong Li is a ...

大内密探零零狗(dànèi mìtàn Líng Línggŏu) A Spy Called Ling Ling Gou in the Imperial Palace

大内密探零零狗(dànèi mìtàn Líng Líng Gŏu) A Spy Called Ling Ling Gou in the Imperial Palace is a romantic comedy with 无厘头(wúlítóu), an absurd-humor style. It is a hot movie released in August, 2009. Many Chinese people enjoy this movie, finding it ...

Are you familiar with Chinese ghost story? Have you heard the famous novel 《聊斋志异》Strange Tales of a Lonely Studio? Learn Chinese with echineselearning cast to get into another world. Listen to how we talk about the movie showing recently. Don’t be afraid, you may find some popular words in this Chinese learning cast. Learn Chinese today!
Dialogue: ...

Instructions: Fill in the blanks


⑴a cadre
⑷quantity, amount
①work on something
②be angry with something
The answer key will be in the next issue.
Answer keys to the crossword in the previous issue (Jun 24, 2009):


炒鱿鱼 (chăo yóu yú) Get fired
In China, when people are fired by their boss, they often like to say “我被炒鱿鱼了(wŏ bèi chăo yóu yú le) I am fired.” If foreigners hear this phrase for the first time, they may not understand. Now take a look at the following explanations:
Why say so?
“炒鱿鱼(chăo yóu yú)” ...

填字游戏 (tiánzì yóuxì ) Chinese Crossword Puzzle

Can you complete the Chinese words by filling in the blanks marked with numbers?


①&②every movement and every action
The answer key will be in the next issue.
Answer keys to the crossword in the previous issue (Jun 4, 2009) :
Horizontal lines:
① 春(chūn)
② 好(hăo)
③ 点(diăn)
Vertical lines:
⑴ 点(diăn)
⑵ 好(hăo)
⑶ 日(rì)

Instructions: Fill in the blanks


Horizontal lines:
①celebrate the Spring Festival on the first lunar month
②a greeting used when people meet in the morning
③things like cakes or deserts
Vertical lines:
⑵an auspicious greeting during the Spring Festival
⑶memorial days or traditional days to celebrate or offer sacrifices to ancestors such as The Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-autumn Festival

Imagine this: A beautiful and cool girl is standing opposite a young man. He puts on his new clothes, plays his guitar and sings his favorite songs to attract her attentions. Here is a song expressing a boy’s loneliness and complex feelings in this situation. It is a very popular Karaoke song in China!

Duìmiàn de ...

It is one of the hottest TV series so far in 2009. In this series, you will see a lot of issues facing young people in China today. How does a 17-year-old girl struggle to assume her responsibility and finally successfully escape from her mother’s strict protection? How does a 20-years-old girl develop her relationship ...

Dáoyǎn:   Féngxiǎogāng
导演 :     冯小刚
Zhú yǎn:  Gě yōu       Shū qí         Fāngzhōngxìn
主演:      葛优           舒淇           方中信
Xúruòxuān    Fànwěi   Féngyuǎnzhēng
徐若瑄             范伟        冯远征
Shàngyìng rìqī   nián
上映日期 :2008年 ...

功夫熊猫(gōngfu xióngmāo) Kung Fu Panda

功夫熊猫(gōngfu xióngmāo) Kung Fu Panda is a remarkable movie released in June last year. Chinese style is prevailing in the movie, which is the combination of “功夫”(gōngfu) Chinese martial arts and China’s national treasure–panda. Many Chinese enjoyed this movie as well, so you know that while humorous and ...

A: Nĭmen zhōngguó de fúwùyè zhēn shì zhōu dào.
A: 你们      中国        的 服务业   真   是    周    到。
A: The service industry in China is really thorough.
B: Nĭ cóng nă kàn chū lái de?
B: 你   从   哪  看   出  来 的?
B: Where did you come ...

Lăoshī: Sānzhōngquánhuì hòu, zhōngguó zuì dà de biànhuà shì shénme?
老师:            三中全会        后,  中国       最  大 的   变化     是   什么?
Teacher: What was the greatest change in China after the Third Plenary Session?
Xuésheng: Sānzhōngquánhuì hòu, zhōngguó zuì dà de biànhuà shì nóngmín ...

Yì jiā shí yì kǒu (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
1. 一家 十 一 口 (打 一 个 汉 字)
There are eleven mouths in a family. (Guess a Chinese character)

Chī yí bàn, ná yí bàn (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
2. 吃 一半, 拿 一 半 ...

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