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General Chinese (Beginner Level)

eChineseLearning provides a huge number of Chinese resources for Chinese language learners. The materials in this section are designed to teach Chinese to non-native Chinese learners of various skill levels. These basic Chinese language materials are edited by eChineseLearning's professional teaching staff. And best of all, they are totally FREE! If you are interested in learning Chinese, the basic Chinese language resources in this section will be of a great use to you!

People have a special day set aside for nearly everything it seems. For example, October 25th is World Pasta Day. Well, China also has unique special days, like Standards Day that was celebrated a few days ago on October 14. China’s Standards Day marks the anniversary of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
The aim of ...

As the old saying goes: The master teaches the trade, but the apprentice’s skills are self-made (师(shī)傅(fù)领(lǐnɡ)进(jìn)门(mén),修(xiū)行(xínɡ)靠(kào)个(ɡè)人(rén)). In language learning, the mentor’s and the learner’s effort are the two most important things, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make the most of the tools at their disposal. As a Chinese teacher all these years, I have always kept an eye out ...

“斜杠青年(xiégāng qīngnián),” or, “Slashers”, are people who make multiple income streams simultaneously from different careers.

“斜杠(xiégàng)” literally means “slash” in English, and refers to the “/” (particularly the key on the computer keyboard). The term was coined by Marci Alboher, a New York Times columnist, in her book One Person/Multiple Careers, in which she used “slashers” ...

Chinese medicine is nearly as old as Chinese civilization itself. Yet it continues to be used, even in 2020. It is sometimes combined with modern medicine and is said to speed recovery time from illness and injury as well as enhance overall wellbeing. Since well being is becoming more important in western countries, Traditional Chinese ...

Please select the correct words and fill in the blanks.
A.再 (zài)

B.又 (yòu)

1. tā ______ yě méiyǒu huílái.
   他 ______ 也没有回来。

2. tā ______ méiyǒu huílái.
   他 ______ 没有回来。

3. míngtiān ______ shì zhōumòliǎo.
   明天 ______ 是周末了。

4. wǒmen míngtiān ______ jìxù tǎolùn.
   我们明天 ______ 继续讨论。

See Answer Analysis
Challenge Yourself to Identify More Similar Chinese Words:
“What Do a ...

Recently, one line Fei Yuqing’s song “一剪梅 (yī jiǎn méi) One Plum Blossom” has caught fire around the world, popping up in videos of all kinds on popular social media apps like TikTok.
The line of the moment is, “雪花飘飘,北风萧萧 (xuěhuā piāopiāo, běifēng xiāoxiāo)”, or, “The snow falls, the wind blows.” However, despite Fei Yuqing’s moving ...

Like most Chinese language learners, many of my students have difficulty with listening comprehension in the beginning. If I speak at a normal or slightly faster-than-normal pace, they usually can’t understand what I say. As such, I have tried different methods for them to improve their listening skills, and the results speak for themselves — ...

1. What does “宝藏男孩 (Bǎo zàng nán hái)” mean?
“宝藏男孩 (Bǎo zàng nán hái) Treasure boy ” is a hot Chinese word on the Internet, which common used to describe that you like to have a lot of unknown talents on your body slowly discovered by everyone.
The Chinese term “宝藏男孩 (Bǎo zàng nán hái) Treasure ...

My name is John and I’m a student from Canton, USA. I currently study Chinese at a university in Zhejiang where I arrived a little under a year ago. I took the HSK advanced oral exam and did not pass, so I decided to stay in China a little longer to learn the language better.

In ...

Recently, we gathered many blessings from eChineseLearnig‘s students, and edited them in to a touching video.

Spring begins, which means that everything comes back to life soon. We believe the Coronavirus will fade away as the season changes.
Coronavirus is ruthless, but there is love in the world.
Don’t worry, we will fight this epidemic together, and we ...

As cultural divides narrow due to globalization and increased travel opportunities, Christmas has quickly spread beyond its Western origins. With all of the entertaining festivities that the jolly holiday entails, China has come to embrace the spirit of Christmas as well.
圣诞节 (Shèngdànjié)

Although Christmas isn’t a public holiday in China and there isn’t an ...

Christmas Promotion from eChineseLearning:
If you subscribe or renew before December 22, 2019, Beijing time, you will get USD $50 cashback for every USD $1000 you spend on top of the discounted price!

For instance:
If you subscribe to a package that is priced between $2000-$3000 (after discount), you will get $100 cashback. Installment payments are still ...

Look at the photo above. What verb would you use to describe this act?
In Chinese, there are many ways as well, but the word that is flying around the internet lately is “笑喷 (xiàopēn).” The word “笑 (xiào)” means “laugh” and “喷 (pēn)” means “spurt, spray.” It is the act of suddenly spitting liquid ...

Jìnrì, Nézhā yǐjīng chuàngzào le chāoguò èr shí yì de guónèi piàofáng.
Recently, Nezha earned more than 2 billion yuan from movie-goers.
Zhè bù diànyǐng yuánzì Zhōngguó de xiǎoshuō Fēngshényǎnyì,
The film comes from the Chinese novel The Investiture of the Gods.
Wài méi fēnfēn bàodǎo Zhōngguó guómàn diànyǐng Nézhā yǐnbào piàofáng,
外媒纷纷报道中国国漫电影《哪 吒》引爆票房,
The foreign media reported that ...

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: When are you going to give the presentation?
    B:   Jiǔ diǎn. I’m so nervous now.
    B:九点。 I’m so nervous now.
    A: Relax! You still have some time. Xiànzài shì bā diǎn sìshí fēn. .
    A:Relax! You still have some time. 现在是八点四十分。
    Which of the followings is true according to the dialogue? Please choose the ...

Exercise in the video:
1. A: Jiějie, nǐ néng bāng wǒ ma?
    A:姐姐, 你能帮我吗?
    B: Dāngrán, Becky.
    Which of the followings is true? Please choose the best answer.
    A. Becky is asking for help from her sister.
    B. Becky will help her sister.
    C. Becky is questioning her sister.
2. A: It’s too stuffy in here. Amy, wǒ néng kāi ...

Exercises in the Video:
1. A: What can I do for you, miss?
    B: …
    What would she say? Please choose the best answer.
    A: Wǒ yào yì tiáo hóng qúnzi.
    B: Wǒ yào yí jiàn hóng qúnzi.
    C: Wǒ yào yì bǎ hóng qúnzi.
2. A: Becky, do you have a white shirt? I have an interview this afternoon.
    B: Don’t worry…
    What would she ...

Have you ever tried to say something in Chinese only to use the wrong tones and say something completely inappropriate or random? Don’t worry! It happens to every Chinese learner in the beginning.
This is because Chinese has a limited number of syllables, only about 30% of what English has, therefore tones are used to distinguish ...

We’ve all used the term “better late than never” to loosely express that it’s perfectly fine to be a bit late, at least sometimes. In Chinese, there’s an idiom that somewhat scolds, or mocks tardiness, or people who put things off until the very last minute.
In Chinese, “临时抱佛脚 (línshí bàofójiǎo)” might be easy for ...

During the process of Mandarin Learning, it’s quite common to run into confusing problems that create humorous situations. In that case, we will introduce some learning points through the jokes.
Although they are fun to read about, they also serve as good cautionary stories to learn with a native Chinese teacher so they can explain these ...

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