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General Chinese (Beginner Level)

eChineseLearning provides a huge number of Chinese resources for Chinese language learners. The materials in this section are designed to teach Chinese to non-native Chinese learners of various skill levels. These basic Chinese language materials are edited by eChineseLearning's professional teaching staff. And best of all, they are totally FREE! If you are interested in learning Chinese, the basic Chinese language resources in this section will be of a great use to you!

Have you ever tried to say something in Chinese only to use the wrong tones and say something completely inappropriate or random? Don’t worry! It happens to every Chinese learner in the beginning.
This is because Chinese has a limited number of syllables, only about 30% of what English has, therefore tones are used to distinguish ...

We’ve all used the term “better late than never” to loosely express that it’s perfectly fine to be a bit late, at least sometimes. In Chinese, there’s an idiom that somewhat scolds, or mocks tardiness, or people who put things off until the very last minute.
In Chinese, “临时抱佛脚 (línshí bàofójiǎo)” might be easy for ...

During the process of Mandarin Learning, it’s quite common to run into confusing problems that create humorous situations. In that case, we will introduce some learning points through the jokes.
Although they are fun to read about, they also serve as good cautionary stories to learn with a native Chinese teacher so they can explain these ...

April 15th 2019
Jìn rì, “jiǔ jiǔ liù” zài Zhōngguó chéngwéi rèdiǎn huàtí, ā lǐ bā bā、 jīng dōng děng qǐyè de fùzé rén xiāngjì jiù “jiǔ jiǔ liù” fābiǎo kànfǎ.
Recently, “996″ has become a hot topic in China. Alibaba,, and other major companies’ CEOs have responded to the topic in succession.

Suǒ ...

Here we are going to introduce 3 TV shows that are recommended for Chinese language learners. Not only does it train your ear for listening skills but you also get to be exposed to Chinese culture as well. This is a great way to create a more immersive environment and can be a wonderful supplement ...

Chinese slang words are often unheard of when studying the language at a traditional school. There’s a crop of slang words that are used regularly and related to animals. You can describe people, and things using funny and mildly, snarky phrases that are quite common.
Each slang described in this article has a literal meaning, ...

On March, Chinese chairman, Xi Jinping, met with French President, Macron in Nice. During the state visit, chairman Xi received a warm reception as well as a precious gift from the French President.
There is an old Chinese motto, “有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎? (yǒu péng zì yuǎnfāng lái, bú yì lè hū?) Is it not delightful to have ...

In the first part of this two-part article, we learned about the stories of “孟姜女哭长城 (Mèng Jiāng Nǚ Kū ChángChéng) Lady Meng Jiang’s Bitter Weeping” and “梁山伯与祝英台 (Liáng Shānbó Yǔ Zhù Yīngtái) The Butterfly Lovers.”
While in today’s second half, we will go over the remaining two legends, “白蛇传 (BáiShé Zhuàn) Legend of Lady White Snake” ...

Key Words (Preview)
中文 (Zhōngwén) the Chinese language; Chinese

汉语 (Hànyǔ) Chinese (language)

普通话 (Pǔtōnghuà) Mandarin

When it comes to language learning, the popular opinion among non-native Chinese people is that Chinese is one of the most difficult languages in the world, if not the hardest. Some people have the impression that it is nearly impossible ...

Here is the second part of the popular “Top 3 Chinese Street Foods You Have to Try” series that you all have been patiently waiting for. If you want to know more about Chinese street foods favorites, you are sure to find it below. 
In the last food article, we discovered 3 of the street ...

Bargaining is an art and may be very helpful in daily life. At least, it is so often used in most markets and back-street clothes shops. And when you want to bargain over the price with the salesman. “卖家 (mài jiā) The seller” usually use this Chinese phrase “一分钱,一分货 (yì fēn qián, yì fēn huò) ...

You may know that “麻将 (májiàng) Mahjong” is the most common form of entertainment during Chinese Spring Festival, but do you know why the Chinese are so keen to play Mahjong instead of other leisure activities like poker? What are the different values and cultural connotations that poker and Mahjong exhibit from Eastern and Western ...

For many foreigners, when they marry into a Chinese family there are a lot of cultural aspects that must be learned in order to be able to fully enjoy their new family.
One of the most important holidays, Chinese New Year, is a great example of how a new Western son-in-law could have a rough ...

(The picture source:

Chinese mythical creatures have captured the imagination of anyone who has ever seen a Chinese movie or Chinese literature. Unfortunately, most people only know about dragons.
How to Write the Chinese Character: 龙 (Lóng) Dragon
There are many magical creatures with supernatural powers in Chinese mythology. They can be either merciful or malignant, beautiful ...

“看漫画,学中文” (Kàn mànhuà, xué zhōngwén) (Part Two)

Hi! Li Li, here again, to show you some comics about the differences between Western and Eastern cultures! If you read my previous blog, you already know I’ve been studying abroad for several months and I shared three cultural differences with “漫画 (mànhuà) comics” to ...

Some students often ask what in the world “花 (huā)” really means! “花 (huā)” is one of those words used in all sorts of different contexts with many different meanings. Of course, there’s the basic meaning of “一束花 (yí shù huā) a bouquet of flowers.” Then there’s the meaning to “to spend.” I think of ...

The word for mischievous or naughty child in Chinese is composed of “熊 (xióng)” which means bear and “孩子 (háizi)” which means kid, or child. Put those together and you get “熊孩子 (xióng háizi).”

Let’s break down the word.

熊 (Xióng) bear

(Nursery Rhyme – 三只小熊 (Sān zhī xiǎoxiónɡ) Three Little Bears)

孩子 (Háizi) kid, child

(Chinese ...

Kàn mànhuà, xué zhōngwén
Learn Chinese While Reading Comics (Part One)

It’s tough being a foreigner in a strange country! Not only is the language completely different, but the customs are totally different a lot of the time too.

I’m from Beijing and my name is Sun Li. There’s the first problem. My family name is Sun. ...

You may not know him, but you must have posted or seen him on social media. His name is Gavin Thomas, a cute 7-year-old American child and at the same time one of the online celebrities in China in recent days.
His smile is a perfect blend of embarrassment and politeness, unnaturalness and grace, pride and ...

A Unique Christmas Gift – 24 Magical Chinese Coins

PartⅠ: 平安夜送苹果 (Píng’ān yè sòng píngguǒ) Give Apples on Christmas Eve

A common Christmas present in China is apples wrapped in beautiful gift wrapping—Christmas with a Chinese flavor. Giving apples on Christmas Eve is an interesting custom that can be seen in China. So why apples? Chinese ...

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