Chinese Mini-test: Hello (Beginner)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

A: Hello, I think I saw you somewhere before.
B: Well, did we meet in one of the

What is the phrase for hello in Chinese language?
A.  你好 (nǐhǎo)
B. 晚安 (wǎn’ān)
C. 再见 (zàijiàn)
D. 谢谢 (xièxie)

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11 thoughts on “Chinese Mini-test: Hello (Beginner)”

  1. I know “谢谢” is the Chinese word for thanks, because I have taken Chinese lessons in my school last semester. So I exclude answer D.

  2. I also know “谢谢” means thanks, but how should I response to the one who said xiexie to me, buxie? Have you learned it on your Chinese lessons?

  3. i think it should have more educational articles like yours, so everyone would be able to learn something new.

  4. Hello Leo,

    You can say “不谢 (bu2xie4)” to the one who said “谢谢 (xie4xie4)” to you, you also can use “不客气 (bu2 ke4qi).”

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