Mini-test Answer: 姥姥

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The right answer for this Chinese lesson is “B.”

Māmā de māma shì Xiǎomíng de lǎolao.
妈妈    的   妈妈   是   小明       的 姥姥。
Xiao Ming’s mother’s mother is his maternal grandmother.


Here is the family tree in the Chinese language.

On the maternal side:
We call our mother’s mother “姥姥 (lǎolao) maternal grandmother.”
We call our mother’s father “外公 (wàigōng) maternal grandfather.”
We call our mother’s sister “阿姨 (āyí) aunt.”
We call our mother’s brother “舅舅 (jiùjiu) uncle.”

On the paternal side:
We call our father’s mother “奶奶 (nǎinai) paternal grandmother.”
We call our father’s father “爷爷 (yéye) paternal grandfather.”
We call our father’s sister “姑姑 (gūgu) aunt.”
We call our father’s brother “叔叔 (shūshu) uncle.”

So the answer for this Chinese lesson is: “姥姥 (lǎolao) maternal grandmother.”

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  1. Jennifer Zhu

    Thanks for your active participation in the mini-test. You are right. You can also call “mother’s mother” “外婆(wàipó)” which is frequently used in the south of China, while “姥姥(lǎolao)” is usually used in the north of China.


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