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Mini-test Answer: 上网 (Intermediate)

Jan. 6, 2010

Intermediate Level 中级 (zhōngjí)

Correct answer: C


A. “Go to school” is the phrase for “上学 (shàngxué).”

      “上 (shàng)” means to go to and “学 (xué)” means school.

B. “Attend classes” is the phrase for “上课 (shàngkè).”

      “上 (shàng)” means to go to and “课 ()” means lesson.

C. “Surf the internet” is the phrase for “上网 (shàngwǎng).”

      “上 (shàng)” means to go to and “网 (wǎng)” means net.

D. “Go home” is the phrase for “回家 (huíjiā).” 

      “回 (huí)” means to go back and “家 (jiā)” means home.

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