Mini-test Answer: 卖关子 (Advanced)

Advanced Level 高级 (gāojí)

Correct Answer: C


A. “忍受 (rěnshòu)” is the phrase for “Put up with.”

The characters “忍 (rěn)” and “受 (shòu)” both mean to endure.

B. “开玩笑 (kāi wánxiào)” is the phrase for “Play a joke.”

The character “开 (kāi)” means to open; “玩 (wán)” means to play and “笑
(xiào)” means to laugh. “玩笑 (wánxiào)” refers to joke.

C. “卖关子 (mài guānzi)” is the phrase for “Keep others guessing.”

The character “卖 (mài)” means to sell; “关 (guān)” means to close and “子
()” here is used as a suffix.

D. “耍小聪明 (shuǎ xiǎocōngmíng)” is the phrase for “Play petty

The character “耍 (shuǎ)” means to play; “小 (xiǎo)” means small and “聪
(cōng)” means intelligence and “明 (míng)” means bright. “小聪明
(xiǎocōngmíng)” refers to petty tricks.

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