Mini-test Answer: 虎年大吉 (Advanced)

Advanced Level 高级 (gāojí)

Correct answer: C
A. “Cáiyuánguǎngjìn” is the Chinese pinyin for “财源广进 making
plenty of  money

“财 (cái)” means money and “源 (yuán)” means source. “广 (guǎng)”
means widely and “进 (jìn)” means to come into.

B. “Xīnniánkuàilè” is the Chinese pinyin for “新年快乐 happy New

“新 (xīn)” means new and “年 (nián)” means year. “快 (kuài)” means quick
and “乐 ()” means happy.  
C. “Hǔniándàjí” is the Chinese pinyin for “虎年大吉 good luck in
the year of  the tiger

“虎 ()” means tiger and “年 (nián)” means year. “大 ()” means big and
“吉 ()” means lucky.

D. “Xīnxiǎngshìchéng” is the Chinese pinyin for “心想事成 all the
wishes come true

“心 (n)” means heart and “想 (xiǎng)” means to wish. “事 (shì)” means
thing and “成 (chéng)” means to accomplish.

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