Mini-test Answer: 团圆 (Intermediate)

Intermediate Level 中级 (zhōngjí)

Correct answer: A
A. “团圆 (tuányuán)” are the Chinese characters for “reunion” or
to have a  reunion.”

“团 (tuán)” means to reunite and “圆 (yuán)” means round.

B. “团结 (tuánjié)” are the Chinese characters for “to unite.”

“团 (tuán)” means clew and “结 (jié)” means knot.

C. “圆满 (yuánmǎn)” are the Chinese characters for

“圆 (yuán)” means round and “满 (mǎn)” means full.

D. “集团 (jítuán)” are the Chinese characters for “bloc.”

“集 ()” means to gather and “团 (tuán)” means group.

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