Quote of the week (Dec.29,2009)

Fángzi jiàgé tàigāo, lǎopo yāoqiú tàigāo, liǎngzhě wǒ dōu zhuī bú shàng! wú fáng de wǒ, bùxiǎng bèi bōduó jiéhūn de quánlì!

The price of houses is too high, my wife asks for too much, I can’t satisfy them both! I have no house, but I don’t want to be deprived of the right of marriage!

— From a white-collar worker who set a tent in the subway in Shanghai and sought for a life partner.

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  1. My comment boycott ends right now. The reason: Your temendous post. Thanks, you’ve liverated me :))

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