Mini-Test Answer: He just nearly caused an accident.

Intermediate Level 中级 (zhōng)

The answer to the test is B.


        Gēmen, zěnme liǎnsè bú tài hǎo.
Mike: 哥们, 怎么    脸色   不 太 好。
         Hi buddy, you don’t look very well, what’s going on?

        Bié tí le, gāng chà yìdiǎnr rén hé chē jiù yìqǐ xiēcài le.
Tom: 别提了,刚    差 一点儿    人   和  车  就一起歇菜 了。 
        Don’t bring it up  I was almost in a car accident recently and I could have died!


The phrase “歇菜 (xiēcài)” has become popular on the internet.歇 (xiē)” means to rest and “菜 (cài)” means “vegetables”  literally. The phrase means that something is finished, is over or hopeless or someone is dead. It also means that one has given up on trying to do something or is unable to do something.


Yóuyú méile zànzhù, zhè jiè bǐsài kǒngpà yào xiēcài le.
由于    没了     赞助, 这   届 比赛 恐怕     要    歇菜了。
Because there is not a sponsor, I’m afraid the contest can’t be held this year!

Jiù suàn zài nán, yě bù néng ràng mèngxiǎng xiēcài.
就    算    再  难,也 不   能     让      梦想          歇菜。
We cannot give up on our dreams even when things get difficult.  

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