Chinese Test: You don’t look so well.

Intermediate Level 中级 (zhōng)


Tom nearly had an accident when he was driving. He was so scared that the fear stayed in his eyes for quite a time. He recently had a conversation with his friend Mike.

         Gēmen, zěnme liǎnsè bú tài hǎo.
Mike: 哥们,  怎么     脸色   不 太 好。

         Bié tí le, gāng chà yìdiǎnr rén hé chē jiù yìqǐ xiēcài le.
Tom: 别提了,刚     差 一点儿   人  和   车  就一起   歇菜了。

What does Tom mean?

A. He is not good at driving.

B. He just nearly caused an accident.

C. He was not feeling well.

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