Mini-Test Answer: God knows.

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The right answer to the test is B.


          Zhè yǔ yào xià dao shénme shíhou ya?
   Lisa: 这雨   要     下   到     什么     时候   呀?

           When will the rain stop?

          Guǐ zhīdao, zài xià, zhōumò jiù bù néng chūqu wán le.
Emily: 鬼知道, 再   下,周末        就 不 能      出去   玩 了。

           God knows. We cannot go out if it rains this weekend.


The phrase “鬼知道 (Guǐ zhīdao)” means “God knows.” People say it to mean that they don’t know why something is happening. It is usually used when others ask people a question to which there is not any sure way to answer; the reply being “I don’t know’ or “how can I know that?” Alternately, “鬼才知道 (guǐ cái zhīdao)” or “天知道 (tiān zhīdao)” are also used. These phrases usually express a sense of aggravation.


Guǐ zhīdao tā zài shuō shénme!
鬼    知道     他在    说       什么!

Only God knows what he is saying!

Guǐ cái zhīdao tā dàodǐ zài xiǎng shénme!
鬼    才 知道   她 到底  在   想        什么!

Only God knows what in the world she is thinking.

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