Chinese Test: How to say “God knows” in Chinese?

Beginner Level 初级 (chū)


It is Friday and it has been raining all day. However, Lisa and Emily plan to go out on the weekend.

         Zhè yǔ yào xià dao shénme shíhou ya?
  Lisa: 这雨 要     下 到      什么       时候   呀?

          Guǐ zhīdao, zài xià, zhōumò jiù bù néng chūqu wán le.
Emily: 鬼知道,    再   下,周末    就 不   能      出去  玩    了。 

What does Emily mean?

A. She knows when the rain will stop.

B. She doesn’t know when the rain will stop.

C. She knows that someone knows when the rain will stop.

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