Chinese Test: You should go see a doctor.

Beginner Level 初级 (chū)


Anne found that Helen looked a little sick and that she had also been coughing a lot lately.

           Nǐ zěnme le?
 Anne: 你 怎么 了?

           Yǒu diǎnr gǎnmào.
Helen: 有    点儿    感冒。

           Wǒ péi nǐ qù ___ yīshēng ba.
 Anne: 我   陪 你去 ___  医生     吧。

           Hǎo de, xièxie le.
Helen: 好    的,谢谢 了。

Choose the correct word below to fill in the blank.

A. 找 (zhǎo)

B. 问 (wèn)

C. 看 (kàn)

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