Mini-test Answer: Fans

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer for the test is B.


          Wǒ shì Michael Jackson de chāojí fěnsī.
  Alice: 我   是 Michael Jackson 的  超级   粉丝。
I’m a big fan of Michael Jackson.

           Wǒ  yě shì!  Wǒ ài  Michael!
James: 我   也 是!我 爱 Michael!
Me too. I love Michael!


The phrase “粉丝 (fěnsī)” means bean vermicelli in Chinese. It is a kind of food made from mung beans and sweet potato. But now the most popular use of the word “粉丝 (fěnsī)” is fan because of the phonetic translation of the English word “fan.”

For choice C, Beancurd means “豆腐 (dòufu)” in Chinese.

For example:
Wǒ yìzhí dōu shì Yáo Míng de  fěnsī.
我 一直   都    是   姚     明   的   粉丝。
I’ve always been a fan of Yao Ming.

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