Daily Quiz Answer: buddy

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer to this quiz is B.


Gēmenr, xiàwǔ dǎ lánqiú ba.
Mike: 哥们儿,下午   打 篮球    吧。
Hey buddy, let’s go playing basketball.
Méi wèntí.
Tom: 没    问题。
No problem.


Nowadays in China, you can see the word “哥们儿 (gēmenr)” used often in daily life. It means “buddy” or “guy” and is used amongst male friends. It’s female counterpart is “姐们儿 (jiěmenr)” used amongst female friends.

For examples:

Gēmenr, wǎnshang chī huǒguō qù.
Tom: 哥们儿,晚上          吃    火锅    去。
Hey buddy, let’s eat hot pot tonight.
Hǎo a.
Eric: 好 啊。
Hāi, zhōumò gānma le?
Lucy: 嗨,周末       干嘛    了?
What are you doing this weekend?
Wǒ yì jiěmenr jiéhūn, wǒ qù cānjiā hūnlǐ le.
Mary: 我 一 姐们儿   结婚, 我 去 参加     婚礼了。
One of my girlfriends got married. I get to participate in the wedding.
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