Chinese test answer: 喂(wèi) Hello

Beginner 初级 (chū)

The correct answer to this test is A.

The options in the test are three interjections, we will explain it as follow. In Chinese, when people answer the phone, they always start with”喂(wèi)Hello!” It is like “Hi!”or “Hello!” in English. As for “哦(ò)”, in Chinese, it means that one people understand the other it is like “I got what you are talking!” What about “哎(āi)?” Actually, in Chinese, people use “哎(āi)” to have a sigh. If you want to sigh for something, especially something regretful, you can start with “哎(āi).”


    Wèi, qǐngwèn shì guāngdà yínháng ma?
1. 喂,    请 问    是      光 大     银 行     吗?

    Hello, is that Everbright Bank of China?

         Wǒ gàosu nǐ, yǐhòu búyào chídào le!
2.  A:  我   告诉 你,以后    不要      迟到 了!

      Don’ t be late again!

       Ò, wǒ zhīdào le, yǐhòu búhuì le!
B:  哦,我 知道 了,   以后    不会 了!

     Ok, I won’ t be late anymore!

      Āi, wǒ méiyǒu jiàndào nǐ zhēn de hěn kěxī !
3.  哎,  我   没有     见到   你 真   的    很 可惜!

    What a pity that I didn’ t see you!

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