Chinese Test: How do you answer the phone in Chinese? (Beginner)

Ellie’ s phone is ringing, she picks it up and answers.

         ___, nǐ hǎo.
Ellie:  ___,你好。


        Ellie, wǒ shì Mary.
Mary: Ellie,我 是Mary。

        Ellie , it’ s Mary.

         Shì nǐ ya, yǒu shénme shì ma?
Ellie: 是  你 呀,有   什么   事   吗?

        Wow, it’s you, what’s the matter?

Choose the proper one to fill in the blank.

A. 喂(wèi)

B. 哦(ò)

C. 哎(āi)

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