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Celebrating Chinese Valentine’s Day (Beginner)

Aug. 22, 2012

Every year on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar (this year it falls on August 23) is Chinese Valentine's Day "七夕节(Qīxījié)." As is the custom elsewhere in the world, this is a day devoted to romance. Chinese Valentine's Day is fast approaching; lovers are now planning how to spend their festival. Merchants are also racking their brains, trying to think of new ways to attract the business of the romantics.

The following are some popular activities done on Chinese Valentine’s Day. Which one do you like best?

双人游 (shuāng rén yóu) tour for two


 Traveling is an attractive option for almost every festival, and Chinese Valentine's Day is no exception. Lovers can travel to some beautiful places, such as the popular Shangri-la hotel.


Wǒmen Qīxī zhǔnbèi qù ōuzhōu shuāng rén yóu.
我们       七夕  准备      去  欧洲       双人游。


For Valentine's Day, we will do a couple's tour of Europe.

表白 (biǎobái) confession of love


 Many Chinese people choose to “表白 (biǎobái) confess"their true feelings on this special day. Telling someone you love them on this day makes it more significant.


Tā zhōngyú xiàng xǐhuan hěn jiǔ de nǚhái biǎobái le.
他    终于       向     喜欢     很久    的   女孩    表白了。 


He finally confessed his love for the girl he has liked for a long time.

Zhè shì wǒ tīngguò zuì làngmàn de biǎobái le.
这    是    我   听过       最浪漫        的   表白了。


This is the most romantic confession of love I have ever heard.

相亲 (xiāngqīn) blind date



The period just before Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for single boys and girls going on '相亲(xiāngqīn) blind dates' and to find their Mr. or Miss Right.


Wǒ hé wǒ de nǚ péngyou shì tōngguò xiàngqīn rènshi de.
我    和  我 的     女朋友     是      通过      相亲        认识    的。


My girlfriend and I met each other on a blind date.

Wǒ xiàwǔ zhǔnbèi qù xiàngqīn.
我    下午    准备   去    相亲。


I am going on a blind date this afternoon.


1. Which one of the following words means to confess your feelings to the one you love?
A. 表白 (biǎobái)     B. 相亲 (xiāngqīn)    C. 双人游 (shuāng rényóu)

2. How do many single boys and girls find their Mr. / Miss Right?
A. 表白 (biǎobái)     B. 相亲 (xiāngqīn)    C. 双人游 (shuāng rényóu)
Answers to the practice questions: 1. A    2. B


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Really thank you for this excellent website!
I find a little mistake, to say 相亲 is Blind date, you misspelled as Bland date!

Best regards!

There is a typo, says “bland date” instead of “blind”.

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