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Riddles about Chinese Characters 字谜 (Zìmí)

Mar. 17, 2015
Riddles about Chinese Characters
Yì jiā shí yì kǒu (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
1. 一家 十 一 口 (打 一 个 汉 字)
There are eleven mouths in a family. (Guess a Chinese character)

Chī yí bàn, ná yí bàn (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
2. 吃 一半, 拿 一 半 ( 打 一 个 汉 字)
Eat one half and take away the other half. (Guess a Chinese character)

Yì rén yì zhāng kǒu, kǒu xià cháng zhǐ shǒu (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
3. 一 人 一  张 口,    口     下     长    只  手   (打 一 个 汉 字)
One person has one mouth, under which there is a hand.
(Guess a Chinese character)

Yì kǒu chī diào niú wěi bɑ (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
4. 一 口  吃    掉    牛   尾 巴 (打 一 个 汉 字)
Eat up an ox’s tail in one gulp. (Guess a Chinese character)

Yì tiáo gǒu sì gè kǒu (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
5. 一 条    狗 四 个 口 (打 一 个 汉 字)
A dog has four mouths. (Guess a Chinese character)

Zhāi diào qióng mào zi, zhāi diào qióng gēn zi.   (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
6.  摘     掉    穷     帽   子,摘    掉    穷    根  子。(打 一 个 汉 字)
Take off the torn hat, get rid of the root of poverty. (Guess a Chinese character)

Zuǒbiɑn yígè tàiyáng , yòubiɑn yígè tàiyáng,  zhàn zài tàiyáng shàng, fǎnér bú jiàn guāng.
7.  左边       一个 太 阳,    右 边     一 个 太阳,  站  在   太阳    上,   反 而 不   见   光。
(Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
(打 一 个 汉 字)
There is a sun on the left and a sun on the right. But when you stand on the suns, you cannot see the light. (Guess a Chinese character)

Yī  bǐ yī. (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
8. 一 比 一。(打 一 个 汉 字)
One to one. (Guess a Chinese character)

Bú shì chē. (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
9. 不  是 车。(打 一 个 汉 字)
It isn’t car. (Guess a Chinese character)

Yì biān yì diǎn. (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
10. 一 边 一 点。 (打 一 个 汉 字)
One point on one side. (Guess a Chinese character)

The answers above are:

1.吉(), 2.哈(), 3.拿(), 4.告(gào), 5.器(), 6.八(), 7.暗(àn), 8.平(píng)/ 三(sān), 9.辈(bèi), 10.卜()

Enjoy exercising your Chinese with the following fun riddles!

Who can make the young trees dance?

Is he a cloud or not?

You cannot see and touch him! Guess who is he?

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I like your riddles. They are very good.

Hi Annemarie. Thank you. I’m glad you like them. (*^__^*)

ya! Me too! I love your riddles!! I have been looking for the right website, and this is the best I have found so far.

I love to riddles

Thank you. We will try to update more riddles!

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