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Riddles about Chinese Characters 字谜 (Zìmí)

Mar. 17, 2015
Riddles about Chinese Characters
Yì jiā shí yì kǒu (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
1. 一家 十 一 口 (打 一 个 汉 字)
There are eleven mouths in a family. (Guess a Chinese character)

Chī yí bàn, ná yí bàn (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
2. 吃 一半, 拿 一 半 ( 打 一 个 汉 字)
Eat one half and take away the other half. (Guess a Chinese character)

Yì rén yì zhāng kǒu, kǒu xià zhǎng zhǐ shǒu (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
3. 一 人 一  张 口,    口     下     长    只  手   (打 一 个 汉 字)
One person has one mouth, under which there is a hand.
(Guess a Chinese character)

Yì kǒu chī diào niú wěi bɑ (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
4. 一 口  吃    掉    牛   尾 巴 (打 一 个 汉 字)
Eat up an ox’s tail in one gulp. (Guess a Chinese character)

Yì tiáo gǒu sì gè kǒu (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
5. 一 条    狗 四 个 口 (打 一 个 汉 字)
A dog has four mouths. (Guess a Chinese character)

Learn How to Use Chinese Words “有口福 (Yǒu Kǒu Fú)” in Daily Life.

Zhāi diào qióng mào zi, zhāi diào qióng gēn zi.   (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
6.  摘     掉    穷     帽   子,摘    掉    穷    根  子。(打 一 个 汉 字)
Take off the torn hat, get rid of the root of poverty. (Guess a Chinese character)

Do You Know What Is the Antonym of “穷 (Qióng)?”

Zuǒbiɑn yígè tàiyáng , yòubiɑn yígè tàiyáng,  zhàn zài tàiyáng shàng, fǎnér bú jiàn guāng.
7.  左边       一个 太 阳,    右 边     一 个 太阳,  站  在   太阳    上,   反 而 不   见   光。
(Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
(打 一 个 汉 字)
There is a sun on the left and a sun on the right. But when you stand on the suns, you cannot see the light. (Guess a Chinese character)

Yī  bǐ yī. (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
8. 一 比 一。(打 一 个 汉 字)
One to one. (Guess a Chinese character)

Bú shì chē. (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
9. 不  是 车。(打 一 个 汉 字)
It isn’t car. (Guess a Chinese character)

Learn Chinese Vocabulary About “车 (Chē).”

Yì biān yì diǎn. (Dǎ yí gè hàn zì)
10. 一 边 一 点。 (打 一 个 汉 字)
One point on one side. (Guess a Chinese character)

The answers above are:

1.吉(), 2.哈(), 3.拿(), 4.告(gào), 5.器(), 6.八(), 7.暗(àn), 8.平(píng)/ 三(sān), 9.辈(bèi), 10.卜()

Enjoy exercising your Chinese with the following fun riddles!

Who can make the young trees dance?

Is he a cloud or not?

You cannot see and touch him! Guess who is he?

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I like your riddles. They are very good.

Hi Annemarie. Thank you. I’m glad you like them. (*^__^*)

ya! Me too! I love your riddles!! I have been looking for the right website, and this is the best I have found so far.

I love to riddles

Thank you. We will try to update more riddles!

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