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A Chinese Riddle: 猜猜我是谁 Guess who am I?

Oct. 9, 2011

Key Learning Points (Preview):

弯腰 (wān yāo): v. to bow down


点头 (diǎn tóu): v. to nod one’s head


Listen to the whole riddle


Cāicai wǒ shì shuí?
猜猜    我   是  谁?


Guess who am I?

Wǒ chángcháng cóng nǐ shēn biān jīngguò,
我    常常             从     你  身    边      经过,


I often pass by you,

Nǐ què kàn bú dào wǒ, yě mō bú zháo wǒ.
你 却   看   不  到   我,也 摸 不 着    我。


But you can’t see me; you can’t touch me.

Xiǎo cǎo jiàn wǒ wān yāo,
小     草   见   我   弯    腰,


Little grass stoops down for me,

Huā'ér jiàn wǒ diǎn tóu,
花儿     见  我   点    头,


Flowers nod at me,

Xiǎo shù jiàn wǒ zhāo shǒu,
小     树    见   我   招     手,


Little trees wave at me,

Yúnduǒ suí wǒ tiàowǔ,
云朵       随   我  跳舞,


Clouds dance with me,

Xiǎo péngyou, qǐng nǐ cāicai, wǒ shì shuí?
小      朋友,   请     你 猜猜,我   是   谁?


Little friend, please guess, who am I?
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Key Learning Points:

弯腰 (wān yāo): v. to bow down



Tā wānyāo jiǎn qǐ dìshàng de xiāngjiāopí fàng dào le lājīxiāng lǐ.
他  弯腰      捡   起 地上      的     香蕉皮    放     到  了 垃圾箱里。


He bowed down, picked up the banana skin and threw it into the trash.

点头 (diǎn tóu): v. to nod one’s head



Tā diǎntóu biǎoshì zàntóng jìhuà.
她  点头      表示       赞同      计划。


She nodded to show her approval of the plan.

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