Ready for School? Singing “Going to School” with Us!

Schools reopen after summer vacations spanning over one or two months! Dear parents, have you prepared your child to go back to school? What else you can do for them besides buying them new school bags, clothes, and stationery?
If your kids are learning Chinese now, you can teach this catchy Chinese song of “Going to School” to them. While learning Chinese, your children can learn a positive attitude towards school life through the song.
Now enjoy learning the song with your kids with our teacher!


Tàiyáng dāng kōng zhào
太阳 当 空 照
The sun is shining in the sky.
Huāer duì wǒ xiào
花儿 对 我 笑
The flowers are smiling at me.
Xiǎo niǎo shuō zǎo zǎo zǎo
小 鸟 说 早 早 早
Birds are saying: “Morning! Morning! Morning!”
Nǐ wéi shí me bèi shàng xiǎo shūbāo
你 为 什 么 背 上 小 书包
Why are you carrying a little school bag?
Wǒ qù shàng xuéxiào
我 去 上 学校
I am going to school.
Tiān tiān bú chídào
天 天 不 迟到
And I’m not late for it every day.
Ài xuéxí ài láodòng
爱 学习 爱 劳动
I love studying and working hard.
Zhǎngdà yào wéi rénmín lì gōngláo
长大 要 为 人民 立 功劳
And I’m determined to make contributions to the people when I grow up.

Key Learning Points

tài yáng
the sun
huā er
xiǎo niǎo
shū bāo
school bag
xué xiào
schools; education institutions
chí dào
be late
xué xí
zhǎng dà
to grow up
Can your children sing the song yet? Let us know in the comments if they like to learn Chinese through singing, then we will introduce more interesting Chinese songs in future lessons! Stay tuned!

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