The World Cup’s Around Corner! Learn This Chinese Song While Celebrating It with Your Kids

The Doha World Cup 2022 in Qatar is only two and a half months away! If you’re a football fan, I’m sure your excitement is starting to surge! If you’re not, you can still watch the games with your children because there will be so much fun!
Every four years, the World Cup brings together the world’s best national teams for a month-long competition. The Doha World Cup 2022 is something to get excited about after the COVID-19 pandemic ran rampant for so long, so I am sure your children and you won’t miss it.
The great significance of the World Cup is that it connects people together as a whole. Despite the challenges, we can still feel what “one world, one dream” really means through the games.
Ease your children in the mood to celebrate the great event by learning this Chinese song.
Tóng yī gè shìjiè, tóng yī gè mèngxiǎng
One world, one dream


Wǒmen yōngyǒu tóng yī gè mèng
我 们 拥有 同 一 个 梦
We have one same dream.
Wǒmen yōngyǒu tóng yī gè shìjiè
我 们 拥有 同 一 个 世界
And we’re living in a same world.
Wǒmen qīdài hépíng
我 们 期待 和平
We hope for world peace.
Wǒmen yǒuyì gòng cún
我 们 友谊 共 存
And may our friendship be everlasting.

Key Learning Points

mèng / mèngxiǎng
梦 / 梦想: n./v.
dream; to dream
世界: n.
the world
和平: n.
友谊: n.
Well done! Can your children sing the song already? How your children and you will celebrate the World Cup? You are welcome to tell us in the comments!

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