Summer Activity: Learn to Sing “xìngfú pāishǒu gē 幸福拍手歌” in Chinese with Your Child

We believe your child is enjoying a pleasant time during the summer vacation now. Maybe he or she is excited about going to a summer camp, maybe excited about going on a family trip, or maybe you are enjoying a wonderful vacation in another country together now. No matter what he or she does in this summer, your kid must be very happy. Let your kid listen to If You are Happy in Chinese, learn some Chinese while expressing their inner happiness through this song!
Now play the video and sing along together!

The following expressions are what your child needs to learn in the song:
1. 幸福
adj. happy, blessed; n. happiness, blessedness, felicity

Wǒ yǒu yīgè xìngfú de tóngnián.
我 有 一个 幸福 的 童年。
I had a happy childhood.

pāipāi shǒu
2. 拍拍手
clap one’s hands

Nǐ kěyǐ pāipāi shǒuzhǎng ránhòu mō mō nǐ de ěrduǒ.
你 可以 拍拍 手掌 然后 摸 摸 你 的 耳朵。
You can clap your hands and then touch your ears.

duò duo jiǎo
3. 跺 跺 脚
stomp one’s foot

Tā yòu duò le duò jiǎo
她 又 跺 了 跺 脚。
She stomped her foot again.

Can your child sing the song yet? Let us know in the comments if he or she likes to learn Chinese through singing, then we’ll introduce more interesting Chinese songs in future lessons!

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