The Perfect Chinese Song for Kindergarten Age Mandarin Learners

Vanna from Sydney recently told us that it was a good break since kids are no longer engaged in online model at home. After many countries removed their restrictions, parents and children have returned to work and school, yet it noticeably has taken everyone some extra effort to become readjusted. Parents have noted resistance from their children to going back to the classroom for a variety of reasons. But there is a Chinese song may cheer children up and let them understand this change is not scary at all.

kids go to kindergarten

This song is “我上幼儿园 (Wǒ shànɡ yòu ér yuán) I go to kindergarten. Children who aren’t yet in school are generally excited to start. The idea of meeting new friends, sharing snack time, play time, and learning new games brings joy to the hearts of children everywhere. Not to mention, they adore seeing their new teacher’s smiling face every morning as they enter the classroom. Let them look forward to that experience, or look fondly back at “first day of school” jitters with this song.

kids go to kindergarten

Many of the Chinese teachers are parents themselves and can relate to the feelings of separation as a young child ventures into the world more and more on their own. Yet, rest assured that children are great at adapting, and growing into new roles. That is what this song is all about.

Show this video to your children and accompany them to sing along:

You can even use the song to remind your child to cheer up before entering the classroom as seen in the lyrics ”

Wǒ bù kū yě bù nào…
I don’t cry and I don’t make a fuss…”

Wǒ shànɡ yòu ér yuán.
我  上  幼 儿 园。
I go to kindergarten.

Bà ba mā ma qù shànɡ bān,
爸 爸 妈 妈 去 上 班,
Mom and Dad go to work,

wǒ shànɡ yòu ér yuán.
我  上  幼 儿 园。
I go to kindergarten.

Wǒ bù kū yě bú nào,
我 不 哭 也 不 闹,
I don’t cry and I don’t make a fuss,

jiào shēnɡ lǎo shī zǎo.
叫 声  老 师 早。
say good morning to the teacher.

kids go to kindergarten

In addition, children usually like to hum along with the children’s songs and unconsciously they can learn the sentences of the lyrics. The lyrics in the song are short and catchy so it will be easy for non-Chinese children to learn Chinese. Let them focus on these words in particular.

shànɡ bān
上  班
go to work

shànɡ yòu ér yuán
上  幼 儿 园
go to kindergarten

lǎo shī zǎo
老 师 早
good morning, Mr/Mrs (teacher’s name)

Now that you’ve learned the key learning points of the song, you can introduce them to your child and encourage them to apply the words to other sentences in daily life. These songs are great for building daily vocabulary for young learners.
As an adult can you remember being young and easily excited over going to a new school and meeting your teacher for the first time?
We hope you also enjoyed the song!

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