Popular Daily Chinese Word “赞 (zàn) Marvelous” (Intermediate)

流行词语 (liúxíng cíyǔ) Popular Chinese Word  (Intermediate)

(zàn) Marvelous


“赞 (zàn)” originally means “to praise.” For instance, “赞美” and “称赞” both mean to praise. We also have a popular Chinese expression starting with “赞,” that is “赞不绝口 (zànbùjuékǒu) to praise profusely.”
For example: 他对你赞不绝口 (tā duì nǐ zànbùjuékǒu) He speaks very highly of you.
However, in daily Chinese, now young people tend to use a single word “赞 (zàn)” to show their favorable emotion. For example, “太赞了 (tài zàn le)” means it’s marvelous!


Màikèěr·jiékèxùn de xiànchǎng yǎnchànghuì zhēn shì tài zàn le!
迈克尔·   杰克逊   的    现场       演唱会      真      是  太  赞  了!
The live concert of Michael Jackson is so great.  

A: Zhè kuǎn huàzhuāngpǐn bú cuò ya!
A: 这     款       化妆品        不   错  呀!
A: This brand of make-up is pretty good.

B: Shì ā,  gāng shàngshì dàjiā dōu shuō tā hěn zàn.
B: 是 啊,   刚        上市     大家 都   说    它 很   赞。
B: Yes, people all said it was pretty good when it was first released.

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7 thoughts on “Popular Daily Chinese Word “赞 (zàn) Marvelous” (Intermediate)”

  1. You mentioned that赞 (zàn)” means to show their favorable emotion, I’m a beginner, I know that one daily Chinese word “好” also means good, so can I use “太好了” to replace the popular daily Chinese saying “太赞了?”

  2. “太好了” shares the same meaning with “太赞了.” But the tone of “赞” is stronger than the tone of “好.” So “太赞了” is stronger than “太好了.”

  3. You can also say “太棒了,” Because the popular daily Chinese saying :太赞了” and “太棒了” both mean “it’s marvelous.”

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