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便宜 (piányi) Cheap / let someone off lightly (intermediate)

Jun. 7, 2010

Chinese Language: 便宜 (piányi) Cheap/ Let Someone Off Lightly (intermediate)


Usage 1: “便宜” means “价格低 (jiàgé dī) low price.”


   Zhè tiáo qúnzi zhēn guì, néng bù néng piányi yì diǎn?
A: 这 条    裙子    真   贵,   能 不    能     便宜 一 点?  


This dress is so expensive. Could it be much cheaper?

   Bùhǎoyìsi, zhège yǐjīng shì zhékòu jià le.
B: 不好意思,这个 已经   是   折 扣 价  了。


   I’m sorry. But it is already the discount price. 

Usage 2:  “便宜”means “放过某人(fàng guò mǒurén) let someone off lightly.”


   Tā zěnme kěyǐ zhème zuò? Tài guòfèn le!
A: 他 怎么 可以 这么    做?   太 过分    了!


   How can he do this? It’s too excessive!

   Shì ya, nǐ bù néng jiù zhème piányi tā.
B: 是呀,你 不 能     就 这么   便宜 他。


Yeah, you shouldn’t let him off so lightly.

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