Mini-Test Answer: 有

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The correct answer to this test is A.


     Gōngsī fùjìn yǒu jiā búcuò de hànbǎo diàn, wǒmen qù chángchang ba.
A: 公司     附近   有  家  不错   的  汉堡      店, 我们     去      尝尝        吧。
     There is an awesome hamburger shop near the company; let’s go and have a taste.

    Hǎo a.
B: 好   啊。


The verbs “在 (zài), 有(yǒu), 是 (shì)” indicate existence. When they serve as the main element of the predicate, the word orders of sentence are as follows:

1. 某人(物)—在—某处
somebody— (something) — 在— somewhere

2. 某处—有(是)—某人(物)
  somewhere —有(是)— somebody (something)

But sentences with “有 (yǒu)” merely tell where somebody or something is, whereas sentences with “是 (shì)” tell not only where somebody or something is but also whom somebody is or what something is.


Xuéxiào  zài wǒ jiā fùjìn.
学校       在 我  家 附近。
The school is close to my home.

Zhuōzi xiàbian shì Lìlì  de shūbāo.
桌子      下边    是 莉莉 的  书包。
Lily’s bag is under the table.

So the correct answer should be A 有 (yǒu).

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