Mini-Test Answer: Yes

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

The right answer for this online Mandarin course is A.

     Nǐ xiǎng hē píjiǔ ma?
A: 你 想     喝 啤酒 吗?
     Would you like to drink some beer?

     Wǒ xiǎng hē yìdiǎnr.
B: 我    想    喝 一点儿。
    I would like to drink a little.

Grammar points in this online Chinese course: “一点儿 (yìdiǎnr) a little”

1. “一点儿 (yìdiǎnr) a little” is a phrase to indicate a small quantity of something.

For example:
Wǒ chīle yìdiǎnr mǐfàn.
我    吃了 一点儿  米饭。
I ate a little rice.

2. “一点儿 (yìdiǎnr) a little” is also used after adjectives to express that the degree is low.

For example: Kuài yìdiǎnr, wǒmen yào chídào le.
快     一点儿,我们     要    迟到   了。
A little faster! We will be late! 


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4 thoughts on “Mini-Test Answer: Yes”

  1. kobkiert chukiert

    what are the ‘Heavenly Stems’
    ‘Earthly Branches’??
    I do often see these words and the related phrses.
    What are they??

  2. Jennifer Zhu

    “Heavenly Stems” means “天干 (tiāngān)” and “Earthly Branches” means “地支 (dìzhī). “They are used to count time in ancient China. But now people seldom use them. You may just see them in some ancient books.

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